Harold Greenberg Fund

The English language program is proud to support the vision and efforts of Canadians who have stories to tell.

Sitting on the Edge of Marlene - Photo by Bettina Strauss

Since 1986, the national funding organization Harold Greenberg Fund supports the development of Canadian dramatic feature films.

The FUND - Fondation to Underwrite New Drama - was created in 1986 at the behest of Harold Greenberg who felt there was a genuine demand for high-quality Canadian scripts but insufficient resources to fund their development.

Photo credits
I’ll Follow You Down – Andre Coutu
The Art of the Steal – Ken Woroner
Dr. Cabbie - George Kraychyk
Cas and Dylan – Chris Large
Maps to the Stars - PCaitlyn Cronenberg
Rhymes For Young Ghouls - Daniel Francis Haber
Sitting on the Edge of Marlene - Bettina Strauss
Stay – Karina Finega

The Fund has been a long-standing supporter of industry training, development and Canadian film promotions. The programs we sponsor span from coast to coast and range from emerging filmaker training to established project development.

Rhymes For Young Ghouls - Photo by Daniel Francis Haber

Help provided in numbers

We have invested almost

$ 84 M

84 million

in the Canadian film
and television industry

That's over


3892 projects

helped so far

Want to show the world your work?

Over the years, the program as helped a lot of Canadian producer finance their projects to the story optioning to the equity development.

The Art of the Steal – Photo by Ken Woroner

Script development program

Next Deadline is July 12, 2017


Cas and Dylan – Photo credit Chris Large

Equity investment

Our equity Investment Program supports filmmakers throughout the dramatic feature film production process.


Honor Code

Shorts-to-Features Program

2017 deadline will not be announced until later in the summer - thanks for your patience.


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