Shorts-to-Features Program:

Deadline: The 2016 deadline has passed. The 2017 program deadline is yet to be announced,
but will most likely occur after Sept 1st. Please check later in the summer for more details

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Please contact Alan Bacchus with any questions regarding these Programs at (416) 384-3446 or

An initiative of The Harold Greenberg Fund in association with The Movie Network, the Shorts-to-Features program is designed to greenlight and finance the production of short films, in the amount of $32,000 each, from emerging Canadian filmmakers to use as a calling card for a feature film currently in development.

Eligible projects (see Guidelines for details):

  • Short film scripts 10 pages or under
  • Writer, producer, director teams, each of whom have not had a feature film produced (with the exception of the producer who can have a maximum of one feature credit as producer)
  • Writer, producer, director must be Canadian
  • Projects must be in English
  • Projects can come from anywhere within Canada
  • All teams must submit a feature treatment or feature script which creatively relates to the short film

Program highlights (see guidelines for details):

  • Production financing in the amount of $32,000 per project
  • Additional provincial financing is available from provincial agencies with complimentary programs
  • Guaranteed script development support ($5,000) for the feature film version
  • In-Kind production and marketing support available

2012 Winners:

  • Supernova (writ. Jane Maggs, dir. Peter Mishara, prod. Alex Lalonde) – a science-fiction/drama, inspired by a feature script written by Jesse Heffring, which is set against an impending apocalypse and explores how our choices define us
  • Little Pig (writ/dir. Spencer Maybee, prod. Tara Woodbury) – While his young, single mother chases her dream of becoming a famous actress, teenaged Adam is left to care for his baby half-brother Roscoe, who becomes an unexpected wingman in Adam’s quest to unlock the mysteries of the opposite sex.
  • Honor Code (writ/dir. Pascal Trottier, prod. Paul Lenart) – Set in a contemporary world where the government sanctions duels among its citizens, a corporate drone seeks satisfaction after being humiliated in public, if he can get through all the red tape.

2013 Winners:

  • Mina.Minverva (writ/dir. Marshall Axani, prod. Diana Donaldson) – After a confrontationalepisode at their local restaurant, seventy-five year old Minerva is on a questfor blood while her identical twin sister, Mina, tries to be the voice ofreason.
  • Gord’s Brother (writ. Ben Rollo, dir. Jeremy Lutter, prod. Jeremy Lutter/Daniel Hogg) – In a world where monstersand humans share an uneasy coexistence, Gord’s family is dismayed to discoverthat Gord’s new baby brother is a monster.
  • Arranged (writ/dir. Renuka Jeyapalan, prod. Connie Contardi, Jocelyn Mercer) – After yet another failed relationship, Anne Blythe,33, enlists the services of an exclusive and mysterious arranged marriage agency

2014 Winners:

    • Lewis (writ/dir. Fantavious Fritz, prod Jason Aita) – A wandering neighborhood cat named Lewis decides not to return to his owner Michael one August evening. During his adventure he makes an unlikely friend in the 81 year old Lithuanian widow, Aldona.
    • Beat Around the Bush (writ/dir Brianne Nord-Stewart, producer Arielle Boisvert, EP Shawn Williamson) – A buttoned-down 75-year-old widow throws caution to the wind after a fated dementia diagnosis and tries her hand at attaining her first orgasm…Ever.
    • Lady, Be Good (writ/dir. Matthew Di Fillipis, Elisia Mirabelli, producer Miriam Levin-Gold) – A young woman struggles to sever ties from the boy who loves her, as she joins the novitiate stage of an order of nuns.
    • Portal to Hell!!! (writ Matt Watts, dir. Vivieno Caldinelli, prod Lori Fischburg, EP Andrew Rosen) – A humble superintendent of an apartment building discovers a portal to hell in the basement.

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