In Season 3 of KILLJOYS, war looms over the J Star System. After sustaining serious personal loss, Dutch, Johnny, and D’avin prepare themselves for what lies ahead. While the trio struggles to assemble an army, a dangerous force – the unhinged daughter of Dutch’s late mentor Khlyen, and Dutch doppelganger, Aneela – heads towards them. , Aneela is hell-bent on revenge for the death of her father and will be the team’s toughest opponent yet. Dutch’s only hope of stopping Aneela includes convincing a motley gang of bounty hunters to change their mandate from “The Warrant is All”, to “The War is All.”

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Season 3 Episode 301
Season 3 Episode 301

Season 3 - Episode 301


The Quad’s surviving Hullen have gone into hiding, but Dutch and D’avin have a clever plan to draw them out. Far away on the fringes of the J Star System, Johnny begins a desperate hunt of his own for Clara, who is missing in the notorious Rat City. With few clues and less time, John goes deep undercover in the Hackmod (humans with cybernetic implants) world, chasing Clara’s trail with an unlikely new ally.

Season 3 Episode 302
Season 3 Episode 302

Season 3 - Episode 302


Turin insists Dutch and D’avin take a few of the Rack’s best brains for a test drive mission, in search for a temporary replacement for Johnny. The rookies soon find themselves over their heads, trapped in an abandoned black site bent on killing them all. Across the J, Johnny finds himself in hot water of his own as his search for Clara leads him to a mysterious skin rejuvenation centre, hiding an even bigger mystery under its surface.

Season 3 Glossary
Season 3 Glossary

Season 3 Glossary -

Reclamation Agent, aka Killjoy
Killjoys are multidisciplinary professionals who are licensed to pursue specific
types of warrants throughout the J Star System. To call them bounty hunterswould be reductive, but it’s a close comparison. While often a rough and tumble, highly competitive lot, these are no Wild West
gunslingers. “Killjoying” is a regulated occupation with specific rules, and
harsh consequences for breaking them.

“Killjoy”: “Joy” is on old euphemism for money in the J colonies. Some high-level
Killjoys accept Death Warrant work, hired to pursue and legally execute a target in exchange for money. Hence the literal meaning of a Killjoy - to kill for money.

A Warrant gives a specific Killjoy temporary legal permission to pursue, apprehend, and move a designated person or object across jurisdictions.
There are five levels of warrants that Killjoys can pursue. Warrants are graded on an escalating scale of difficulty and remuneration, and require increasing certification to access:

I. Reclamation – retrieving lost/stolen goods
II. Transfer – when a person needs to be moved between hostile areas, Killjoys are often hired as disinterested third parties. These are typically either a bodyguarding or prisoner transport mission.
III. Live Warrants – apprehensions; the target must be brought back alive.
IV. Living Or Dead Warrants – the target is expendable, dangerous, and likely to resist. Killjoys are licensed to use lethal force at their discretion.
V. Death Warrants – sanctioned assassinations.

The RAC (“Rack”)
The Recovery and Apprehension Coalition (R.A.C) -- aka “The Rack”, to Killjoys, is the shadowy organization that licenses, governs, and disciplines Killjoys. A
multi-planetary organization, The Rack is somewhere between a police or teamster
Union and a secret society. It has its fingers in the political pies of various worlds
throughout the galaxy, and yet stands apart from all of them, its own little island
of quiet power and dangerous secrets.

At the end of Season 2, it is discovered that The Rack’s fabled “Level 6” is real,
a program to find the perfect human hosts for the Hullen. Most of The Level 6s in the Quad were
created with plasma from the Arkyn pool. When it was poisoned, the Hullen
made from that source reverted back to being human, and are now referred to as The
Cleansed. In Season 3, the Quad’s RAC struggles with a mass desertion of The Cleansed, a new supervisor from Oversight, and is still crawling with Hullen.

The Hullen are a highly intelligent, collective parasite with no body of their own. Their species infect and overtake their hosts, seeking to perfect them. The host experiences
increased health and longevity, and insensitivity to pain, but also a suppressed
sense of their former identity and an incapacity for empathy. For the Hullen to overtake a human host, he or she must be injected with the green plasma. It is a dangerous process, one that most humans do not survive. The Hullen have
been infecting (or as they would say, improving) humans for centuries and have secretly infiltrated all levels of
society in the J galaxy, using the Rack as their front.

The Nine & The Company
The Nine refers to the remaining nine aristocratic families that own the Company
and rule over the Quad. The Company is a massive, corporation that
owns and controls every aspect of life on Qresh and her three moons.

Hackmods are enslaved humans who have been modified (“modded”) with
cybernetic implants in a black market facility called The Factory, and sold to the
highest bidder. Some Hackmods manage to escape their owners and eke out a
life of their own in Rat City, in the fringes of the J star system, but are constantly in danger of being captured by “repo” and returned to their owners

The Ferran
Notorious outlaw mercenaries located on the icy moon called Ohron, they are
the fiercest warriors in the J colonies. The Ferran are all deserters from other
armies, disillusioned from fighting in unjust wars. Now they will only take on
righteous causes of their own choosing. Legends of their wars have been told in
comic books for years – they are some of John’s favourites.

The Scarback faith is the dominant religious group in the Quad. The
monks use scarification as part of their rituals. The Scarback scriptures reveal
that the early Scarback monks encountered and fought with the Hullen, making
them keepers of the oldest human knowledge of the Hullen. It is from Scarback
rituals that the saying “praise the trees” originated. The faith is honoured and
respected throughout the Quad as a sanctuary for all who seek refuge.

The Cleansed
When the Arkyn plasma pool was poisoned by Khlyen, every Hullen created by
that pool’s plasma reverted back to being human. With their healing abilities
now gone and their empathy returned, these former Hullen -- dubbed The
Cleansed – are struggling to reintegrate into society. Fancy becomes their de
facto leader.

Black Root Ships
These are Hullen gunships whose technology are biological in nature and can
only be piloted by Hullen or the Cleansed.

Plasma aka The Green
The green plasma contains the Hullen parasite and is used by Hullen to store
their memories and to infect more humans. The green is found in plasma pools
around the J Star System.

The J
The specific part of the universe in which Killjoys is set. The term refers to the
(roughly j-shaped) loose association of planets and moons collectively providing
a new neighborhood for human colonization. This includes the Quad planetary
system (Qresh and her three moons) where our heroes make their home.

Like Earth, Qresh was once the only world supporting life in her solar system.
Over time, her population grew and thrived, until the environmental weight of her
citizens began to outstrip the water planet’s resources and damage her
ecosystem. Overpopulated, Qresh expelled all of the lower castes, and only the
high born and the elite artists, politicians, scientists, inventors, business class
and philosophers make their homes there on ancestral lands. But even such
extreme measures have not returned Qresh to stability, it continues to
experience severe flooding and her land masses are gradually sinking.

Westerley is a moon that operates more like a big company town. Centuries ago, when Qresh ran low on resources and turned their eyes to Westerley, the Company set up small, seasonal camps for workers. Over time, industry on Westerley grew and the shanty towns became shabby cities populated with the families of workers and a growing population migrating from other planets in The Quad’s solar system. On Westerley, The Company owns all the land, the stores, the medical clinics, and schools. The Company appoints the local authorities and writes the law. After six centuries of industrialized abuse, Westerley is a dark, sooty, industrial hell hole, yet it has its charms, and is the moon Dutch, D’avin, and John voluntarily call home.

Leith is where many Westerlyns aspire to live. It’s a moon that is a lush and verdant utopia, where The Company is just one element of society, not its overlord. Home chiefly to farmers and the merchant class, Leith specializes in importing and exporting, taking the raw materials of Westerley and producing goods for The Quad through clean manufacturing, skilled tradespeople, craftwork, and agriculture. As the closest moon to Qresh, many here also have respectable jobs on the planet to which they commute. The people of Leith like where they are, and do not want to rock the boat. Representing the middle class of this Quad economy, Leithian cultural values differ from the others in The Quad. Prostitution and drug use is illegal here, drinking is generally moderate, and carrying guns is questionable, causing no end of grumbling from the Killjoys.

Long believed to be a desolate wasteland by residents of the Quad, Arkyn was used as a research facility for Khlyen, as well as the site for Aneela’s experiments (attempting to
perfect the Hullenization process), and became the home for Red 17 – the Hullen’s top secret facility for creating Level 6 killjoys. At the end of season 2, Arkyn’s plasma pool
was poisoned by Dutch and Khlyen, rendering the Red 17 facility useless

Cast Info

Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen)

Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen)

Dutch, the leader of the Killjoy trio, is fierce, deadly, and complicated with a cheeky wit.  Bold and fun loving on the surface, Dutch has a unique gift for earning people’s trust and respect regardless of their class.  Under her banter and protective flirtations, there is maturity, and a deep solemnity, brought about by a painful history she seeks to fully understand. In Season 3, even though Khlyen destroyed the Arkyn plasma pool, and wiped out the Arkyn-made Hullen, Dutch knows that the Quad will never be free, not with Aneela out there. Instead of waiting, Dutch is bringing the fight to Aneela, drawing her into an all-out war.

John Jaqobis (Aaron Ashmore)

John Jaqobis (Aaron Ashmore)

Dutch’s long-time partner, John, has always been a cheerful, kind-hearted Killjoy whose smart mouth has gotten him into enough brawls over the years; he’s learned to fight dirty, and well. While he prefers to keep the peace, in Season 2, John avenged girlfriend Pawter Simms’ death by killing her murderer, and has since been lying low. Without John, the team is without their resident brain, mechanic, and pilot. His time away from his team may also bring a darker Johnny back to the fold.

D'avin Jaqobis (Luke Macfarlane)

D'avin Jaqobis (Luke Macfarlane)

John’s older brother D’avin, is many things including sarcastic and incredibly loyal, but above all, a born soldier.  Bringing a hard-won expertise in tactics and hand-to-hand combat, D’avin rounds out the Killjoys team. This season as the Killjoys, move from warrants to war, D’avin reconnects with his military side.

Aneela (Hannah John-Kamen)

Aneela (Hannah John-Kamen)

Khlyen’s daughter and the Commander of a Hullen Armada, Aneela is lethal, gifted, and terrifyingly unhinged Deep inside Aneela is also a wounded, fragile girl, whose mind and family were lost when she was turned Hullen at a young age.  In season 3 Aneela pursues her goal to kill Dutch and avenge her father’s death, strengthen the Hullen, and ensure her kind rule the galaxy.

Pree (Thom Allison)

Pree (Thom Allison)

As the Royale’s owner/bartender, the dignified but saucy Pree is known for always being there to offer our Killjoys a glass of Hokk and a sympathetic ear. But before he was slinging drinks, Pree was slinging guns, in a past he likes to keep about as quiet as his rap sheet is long.

Khlyen (Rob Stewart)

Khlyen (Rob Stewart)

Assassin, tutor, mentor, and tormentor—Khlyen was a dangerous and mysterious man with ties to Dutch’s past, and, after revealing himself in the Quad, he quickly became an unpredictable force in her future. It has always been personal between Dutch and Khlyen, but after her former mentor sacrificed himself to save the Quad, Dutch can’t see Khlyen, or the world around her, in quite the same way.

Alvis Akari (Morgan Kelly)

Alvis Akari (Morgan Kelly)

At the end of Season 2, Alvis made some earthshaking discoveries about the roots of the Scarback religion, and its relation to the Hullen’s first appearance in the Quad. This has renewed his faith, and tied him and his fellow monks to Dutch’s cause.

Turin (Patrick Garrow)

Turin (Patrick Garrow)

A supervising officer of the R.A.C., Turin lives his life by the book and expects his agents to do the same. Dedicated to the Killjoy organization, he fights to root out the Hullen infiltrators and anyone within the organization who sympathizes with them. Though he would be loath to admit it, it is clear Turin has a grudging respect for Dutch and her team.

Fancy Lee (Sean Baek)

Fancy Lee (Sean Baek)

The self-proclaimed resident asshole of the R.A.C., Fancy never failed to rub the Killjoys’ team the wrong way. A top agent in the organization, Fancy was selected to become a ‘Level 6’ Killjoy: codename for being injected with Green Plasma and turned Hullen. When the Arkyn plasma pool was poisoned, Fancy reverted back to being human. With the Hullen about to invade the Quad, he fights with Dutch’s team, even though his loyalty is called into question.

Zeph (Kelly Mccormack)

Zeph (Kelly Mccormack)

Zeph is a passionate young scientist who Dutch takes on as a temporary recruit.  Energetic, brutally honest, and hyper competitive, she is a former farm girl with a encyclopedic knowledge for all thing biological. Zeph likes people she just hasn’t learned how to trust them as much as she trusts her own reasoning and instincts. Despite her antisocial tendencies, she desperately wants to be a part of the team.

Gander (Ted Atherton)

Gander (Ted Atherton)

Gander is Aneela’s chief advisor on the Hullen Armada. Gander is composed, unflappable, with a casual hint of violence. A master manipulator who has lived for centuries, Gander masks his confidence and authority behind a mild mannered appearance.

Lucy (Tamsen Mcdonough)

Lucy (Tamsen Mcdonough)

Lucy is the Killjoy’s trusty ship with a distinct personality and a soft spot for Johnny. This artificially intelligent ship, has ties to the team going back to the day that Dutch and John first met andhas served them well ever since.

Banyon Grey (Karen Leblanc)
Banyon Grey (Karen Leblanc)

Banyon Grey (Karen Leblanc)

The RAC’s new Head of Oversight. With suspicious activity going on in the RAC, Banyon has been sent to supervise and investigate Turin and the Killjoys. Smart, sharp, elegant, Banyon can smell bullshit at fifty clicks. A cool and cocky bulldozer, Banyon is intimidated by nothing and no one. The only thing that truly drives her nuts are secrets. Banyon is determined to discover what Dutch and crew are up to — casting doubts on her own allegiance in the process


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