Much and M3 producer guidelines

This guide is designed for independent producers who want to pitch ideas to Much or M3.

What we’re looking for

Much delivers trendworthy humour with a focus on music and pop-culture to our discerning and clever audience. Much caters to Canadian youth who want to keep connected to the world of music and pop culture. We’re looking forreality-doc, and music and entertainment series geared to young adults that don’t take themselves too seriously.

M3 is geared to entertain and engage our national audience with highly-targeted premium programming from drama, to comedy, reality, and feature films. We’re looking for primetime-ready entertainment programming and, to a lesser degree, the right scripted series that would appeal to a 30-something viewer.

We actively support Canadian writers and independent production companies, and commission only Canadian-based productions, Canadian treaty co-productions and co-ventures. Currently we are only commissioning English-language projects.

Pitch process

All submissions must be accompanied by a Bell Media submission form signed by you (or all parties as the case may be).

In addition, we require the following:

– A clear, concise and easy-to-read description of the project (3-5 pages)
– Any support materials including character descriptions or episode breakdowns
– An explanation of why our audience would want to watch your show
– A list of key creative players (producer, writer, talent)
– A general description of each of the following: type of program (series or one-off), number and length of episodes, production timeframe, financing plan, budget top-sheet, and contact information (email address, mailing address, phone numbers)
– If you have an agent or other representation, please have them contact us

Only completed submissions along with a signed submission form will be acknowledged and reviewed.

If there is interest in your project, it may be placed into development where we will require you to further flesh out the idea. The initial review process takes up to six (6) weeks from receipt of your submission and submission form.

We receive hundreds of submissions each year and only a few will be selected. If your submission is not selected for development during the six-week review period, it is deemed withdrawn and we will not have any rights or claims to your submission. We do not retain copies of your submission and it will be returned to you or deleted. Hardcopy submissions will be returned if you provide us with a stamped self-addressed envelope; otherwise, it will be shredded. Electronic submissions will be deleted from our system.

Contact information

Please send all proposals to:

Comedy and Factual Projects:
Alison Rheaume
Coordinator, Independent Production, Bell Media
(416) 384-2920
299 Queen Street West

Drama Projects:
Lisa Gotlieb
Coordinator, Independent Production, Bell Media
(416) 384-2372
299 Queen Street West


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