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BIXI Renews Agreement with Astral Out of Home for Advertising Faces in Montréal

BIXI’s advertising signage connects with dynamic, urban audiences in key Montréal boroughs

Astral Out of Home is proud to have been selected by BIXI to manage the advertising faces on its bike-sharing system’s stations for the next five years. A partner of BIXI since its launch, Astral Out of Home will now manage a greater number of advertising faces across the network, which has increased from 240 to 420.

BIXI’s advertising units, 75% of which are located downtown and across the city’s key boroughs, connect with a clientele partly comprised of Millennials, a highly sought-after demographic among advertisers. Thanks to their street-level location and harmonious integration within the city’s landscape, BIXI’s advertising units enable a connection not only with the service’s users, but also pedestrians and drivers. This ensures advertisers benefit from having a significant presence in high-traffic areas, as well as invaluable exposure to consumers.

As an eco-friendly transportation option that blends well with Montréal’s dynamic and lively character, BIXI posts an average of 500,000 trips per month, with a presence in 11 of the city’s boroughs.



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