Bell Media Executive Directory


Lennox, Randy

President, Bell Media



Moses, Karine

President, Astral and Vice-President, Bell Media Sales Quebec


Brand, Marketing & Communications

Arklay, Jon

Senior Vice-President, Agency: Brand, Creative and Marketing

Henderson, Scott

Vice-President, Communications


Content & Programming

Cosentino, Michael

President, Content and Programming

Coe, Corrie

Senior Vice-President, Original Programming

DiVittorio, Patricia

Vice-President, Programming, CTV and Specialty

MacLean, Nanci

Vice-President, Bell Media Studios and President, Pinewood Studios


Distribution, Pay & Strategy

Pearce, Tracey

President, Distribution and Pay

Solymos, Paul

Vice-President, Content Sales and Distribution

Hersh, Jeff

Vice-President, Strategy and Distribution



Escoto, Barbara

Vice-President, Digital

Gilmore, James

Vice-President, Video Services and Technology



Moffat, Nikki

President, Radio and Local TV and Senior Vice-President, Finance, Bell Media

Box, Sarah

Vice-President, Finance, Content

Tiseo, Erasmo

Vice-President, Finance


Human Resources

Emmett, Kristine

Vice-President, Human Resources, Bell Media and Vice-President, Information Technology and Network, Bell



Brar, Sonia

Vice-President, IT


Legal and Regulatory

Assaff, Kevin

Senior Vice-President, Legal and Business Affairs, Bell Media and TV

Goldstein, Kevin

Vice-President, Regulatory Affairs, Content and Distribution



Vucinic, Borika

Vice-President, Network



Freeman, Wendy

President, CTV News

MacDonald, Joanne

Vice-President, CTV News



Frappier, Gerry

President, French-language TV and RDS


Radio & Local TV

Moffat, Nikki

President, Radio and Local TV and Senior Vice-President, Finance

Daigle, Dave

Vice-President, Radio and Local TV



Johnston, Stewart

President, Media Sales and Marketing

MacDonald, Perry

Senior Vice-President, Sales, English Video and Radio

Coburn, Darryl

Vice-President, National Video Sales

Finney, Mark

Vice-President, Strategic Sales

Walker, Alyson

Vice-President, Brand Partnership



Johnston, Stewart

President, TSN

Milliere, Mark

Senior Vice-President and General Manager, TSN

Redmond, Shawn

Vice-President, Content Strategy and Business Operations, TSN

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