MasterChef Canada

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Featuring judges Michael Bonacini (O&B restaurant empire), Alvin Leung (Bo Innovation in Hong Kong), and Claudio Aprile (Copetin in Toronto), MASTERCHEF CANADA offers the country’s best home cooks a chance to win $100,000 and the life-changing MASTERCHEF CANADA title. Each week the home cooks are pushed to the limit in a series of Mystery Box Challenges, Team Challenges, Elimination Challenges, and Pressure Tests. Each task is designed to test and hone the home cooks’ skill, knowledge, passion, and creativity. At the conclusion of each episode at least one person is eliminated until there are only two home cooks left vying for the life-changing MASTERCHEF CANADA title.

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  • S6 - Épisode 1-2

    "MasterChef Canada Invitational" & "Home Cooks, Your Roots Are Showing"

    In a special two-hour premiere, MASTERCHEF CANADA’s esteemed judges kick off the new season by each personally inviting six of the country’s best home cooks to compete as Top 18 finalists. The home cooks travel to the MASTERCHEF CANADA Kitchen to prepare a dish that will convince the remaining judges of their skills and earn them an iconic white apron. Then, the selected home cooks face their first Mystery Box Challenge of the season, and a meaty Elimination Challenge puts some home cooks in jeopardy.

  • S6 - Épisode 3

    "Top Hats and Tails"

    MASTERCHEF CANADA’s remaining home cooks face their first off-site Team Challenge where they prepare a two-course meal for a Caribbean-inspired wedding. Teams are given three hours to make and plate their dishes for 121 guests, who then vote on which menu they prefer. The winning team is safe from elimination, and the losing team must complete a Pressure Test that will eliminate at least one home cook from the kitchen.

  • S6 - Épisode 4

    “Tastes Like Teen Spirit”

    The remaining home cooks are taken back in time in a Mystery Box Challenge to entice their former teenage selves. A special guest appearance from MASTERCHEF CANADA’s most famous teen, Season 5 winner Beccy, inspires the chefs to elevate youthful classics. The winner is safe from competing in an extra-spicy Elimination Challenge that will end at least one home cook’s journey.

  • S6 - Épisode 5

    “School Lunch!”

    In their second Team Challenge, the remaining home cooks are tasked with the biggest trial in MASTERCHEF CANADA history: preparing a school lunch for 161 students in only two hours. After the students vote for their favourite meal, one team is declared safe, and watch from safety as the other team participates in a demanding Pressure Test, which breaks another record as the fastest challenge yet. A complex replication stands between the home cooks and their culinary dreams, and one will not make it through.

  • S6 - Épisode 6

    “Risk and Reward”

    The remaining home cooks are faced with making a safe choice or a risky decision in this week’s Mystery Box Challenge, and one home cook’s choice may pay off in a big way by earning them an advantage in the Elimination Challenge. Then, Chef Alvin presents a pantry of extravagant Asian ingredients that ends at least one home cook’s time in the MASTERCHEF CANADA Kitchen.