2018/19 Script Development Selections

First to Second Draft

40 Acres
Waterford Valley Productions Inc.
Producer: Lora Campbell
Screenwriter: RT Thorne and Glenn Taylor
Director: RT Thorne

Buffalo Gal Pictures Inc.
Producer: Jennifer Beasley, Phyllis Laing
Screenwriter: Alice Moran
Director: TBC

Boy Detective Fails
Inferno Pictures Inc.
Producer: Sami Tesfazghi, Ian Dimerman, Brendon Sawatzky
Screenwriter/Director: Jeffrey St. Jules

Mystic Point Productions Inc.
Producer: Robert Mickelson
Screenwriter: Susan Coyne
Director: TBC

Les Films Band With Pictures Inc.
Producer: Michael Solomon
Screenwriter/Director: Joey Klein

Lady Made of Light
John Davie
Producer: John Davie
Screenwriter: John Davie
Director: TBC

Let’s Do This
Waterford Valley Pictures Inc.
Producer: Lora Campbell
Screenwriter: Kristy LaPointe, Christopher Vandenberg
Director: Lora Campbell

The Letter
Aquatinter Films Ltd., Borrowed Light Films Inc.
Producer: Tajana Prka, Agata Smoluch Del Sorbo
Screenwriter/Director: Tarique Qayumi

Montreal You’re Wonderful Tonight
Vlimeueses Productions Inc.
Producer: Fanny Drew, Sarah Mannering
Screenwriter/Director: Carmine Pierre-Dufour

Story Hawk Pictures Inc.
Producer: Ari Lantos
Screenwriter/Director: Akash Sherman

North of Normal
Independent Edge Films Inc.
Producer: Kyle Mann
Screenwriter: Alexandra Weir
Director: Carly Stone

Transit in Venus
Lil Films Inc.
Producer: Matt Drake
Screenwriter/Director: Wayne Wapeemukwa

Mad Samurai Productions
Producer: Matthew Cervi
Screenwriter/Director: Austin Andrews, Andrew Holmes

We’re All in this Together
Straight Shooters Productions
Producer: Katie Boland, Gail Harvey
Screenwriter/Director: Katie Boland

The Teulon Wing
Julijette Inc.
Producer: Juliette Hagopian
Screenwriter/Director: Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson

Second to Third Draft

The Incident Report
Tremendous Productions
Producer: Naomi Jaye, Julie Baldassi
Screenwriter/Director: Naomi Jaye

Experimental Forest Films Inc.
Producer: Tyler Hagan, Sara Blake, Magali Gillon
Screenwriter/Director: Sophie Jarvis

The Last Straw
6909060 Canada Inc (Prospector Films)
Producer: John Christou
Screenwriter/Director: Wiebke von Carolsfeld

775 Media Corp
Producer: Michael Peterson, Sheiny Satanove, Julian Black Antelope
Screenwriter: Jon Joffe
Director: Michael Peterson

The Miller’s Son
Impossible Objects Inc.
Producer: Jamie M. Dagg, Todd Brown, Naveen Prasad
Screenwriter: Mike Doyle
Director: Lindsay McKay

The Omerta
Streamline Pictures Incorporated
Producer: Graem Luis, David Strasser, Katherine Wagner
Screenwriter:Katherine Wagner
Director: David Strasser

The Retreat
Alyson Richards Productions Inc.
Producer: Alyson Richards
Screenwriter: Alyson Richards
Director: Pat Mills

MEMORY International Inc.
Producer: Riel Roch-Dector
Screenwriter: Rob Benvie
Director: Maxwell McCabe Lokos

Polish and Packaging

Wild Boars of Manitoba
Producer: Noam Gonick, Juliette Hagopian
Screenwriter: Joy Keeper, Onalee Minuk, Joshua Wade and Noam Gonick
Director: Noam Gonick

Armstrong’s War
Solo Productions Inc.
Producer: Mary Young Leckie
Screenwriter: Colleen Murphy
Director: Alar Kivilo

EMAfilms Inc.
Producer: Anne-Marie Gélinas
Screenwriter: Tracey Deer & Meredith Vuchnich
Director: Tracey Deer

January Films Ltd.
Producer: Julia Rosenberg
Screenwriter: Erik Rutherford & Miriam Toews and David Bezmozgis
Director: Bibo Bergeron

Alyson Richards Productions Inc
Producer: Alyson Richards
Screenwriter: Trevor Anderson & Fish Griwkowsky
Director: Trevor Anderson

The Garden
Interstate 80 Entertainment Inc.
Producer: Dave Schultz
Screenwriter/Director: Dave Schultz

Carousel Pictures Inc.
Producer: Tyler Levine
Screenwriter: Milan Tomasevic
Director: Leo Scherman

Montreal Girls
Objectif 9 Inc.
Producer: Bahija Essoussi, Patricia Chica
Screenwriter: Patricia Chica, Kamal John Iskandar
Director: Patricia Chica

Sharp Corner
Workhorse Pictures Inc. & Alcina Pictures Ltd.
Producer: Jason Buxton, Paul Barkin
Screenwriter/Director: Jason Buxton

Gold Star Productions Inc.
Producer: Ken Frith
Screenwriter: Kate Bond
Director: Jason Bourque

Story Option

All My Puny Sorrows
Mulmur Feed Co. Ltd.
Author: Miriam Toews
Producer: Michael McGowan
Screenwriter/Director: Michael McGowan

Big Kids
Younger Daughter Films
Author: Michael de Forge
Producer: Julia Baldassi
Screenwriter/Director: Charlie Tyrell

Mystic Point Productions Inc.
Author: George Bowering
Producer: Robert Mickelson
Screenwriter: Susan Coyne
Director: TBC

Paying For It
Wildling Pictures Inc.
Author: Chester Brown
Producer: Matt Code, Kristy Neville
Screenwriter/Director: Sook-Yin Lee

Winners and Losers
Thoughts From The Asylum Productions Ltd.
Author: Marcus Youssef, James Long
Producer: Mina Shum, Raymond Massey
Screenwriter: Mina Shum, Marcus Youssef, James Long
Director: Mina Shum

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