The Amazing Race Canada


Hosted by Olympic Gold Medallist Jon Montgomery, the multiple Canadian Screen Award winner THE AMAZING RACE CANADA welcomes a new cast of racers to the Season 6 starting line, premiering Tuesday, July 3 at 8 p.m. ET / 9 p.m. MT on CTV and CTV GO, and delivers a new twist with first-ever THE AMAZING RACE CANADA: HEROES EDITION. Featuring teachers, first responders, parents, community leaders, mentors, athletes, and other everyday heroes with a story to tell, the most-watched Canadian program of the 2016-17 broadcast year follows 10 intrepid teams as they push themselves out of their comfort zones in a non-stop, action-packed adventure with the hopes of being the last team standing, in the biggest race this country has ever seen.

Cast Info

Host Jon Montgomery

Host Jon Montgomery

Hometown: Russell, Man.
Current city: Victoria
Career Highlights:
• 2010 Olympic Champion – Skeleton
• Canada’s Celebrity Auctioneer

Jon’s historic victory in skeleton at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics made him a champion, but it was his now-famous beerswilling walk through Whistler Village, and genuine awe-inspiring joy on the podium receiving his gold medal, that made him a household name across Canada.

As Jon transitions to civilian life after his skeleton career, he is proud to be a part of THE AMAZING RACE CANADA. “I’m thrilled to be moving out of one career as an athlete into a new career in TV,” said Jon. “There is not a single program on television that I would rather be a part of.”
Hailing from Russell, Manitoba (population 1669), some 350 kilometers west of Winnipeg on the Saskatchewan border, Jon knows a thing or two about small town Canada. He’s also visited every major Canadian city, and countless international destinations both as a traveler and athlete, and he maintains that Canadians share a connection that no other country on earth can boast. As such, Jon wasn’t all that surprised to see the success of Season 1 of THE AMAZING RACE CANADA, as he has seen first-hand the
collective enthusiasm Canadians share for this country.
“Once again Canada shines through as the star of the show and reminds us why it’s the greatest place to live on earth,” he said.
Jon is also a trained auctioneer, public speaker and devoted to several charitable causes.

He recently relocated from Calgary to Victoria with his wife Darla and chocolate Labrador retriever Stark.


Top 5 Things you didn’t know about Jon Montgomery:

1) I Love to wear my robe around the house.  I have several and they all get used.

2) I have a sweet tooth and find it a problem to cut sugar out of my diet

3) I love all dressed chips more than oxygen

4) My wife converted me into a dog guy… I have given up on cats.

5) I usually moo at cows when I see them… I can’t help myself!




Taylor Callens
Occupation: RCMP Officer
Current City: Williams Lake, BC
Hometown: Cloverdale, BC
Strengths: Friendly, competitive, and driven.
Fear/phobia: Snakes, the ocean, and judgment.
Pet peeve about your teammate: She can be bossy.

Courtney Callens
Occupation: RCMP Officer
Current City: Langley, BC
Hometown: Cloverdale, BC
Strengths: Organized, competitive, and driven.
Fear/phobia: Crickets and the dark.
Pet peeve about your teammate: He’s a procrastinator.


Taylor and Courtney are part of a Canadian policing family legacy. As fourth generation RCMP officers, they love serving their communities on and off the job, day in and day out. These close-knit siblings grew up moving around British Columbia due to their father’s job and became reliant on each other when moving to new towns and entering new schools. They are currently stationed in different parts of British Columbia so they don’t see each other as often as they would like. THE AMAZING RACE CANADA is a chance to get some quality sibling time!


Taylor and Courtney want to put a real face to police officers who put their lives on the line every day. There are real people underneath those Mountie hats! Although they are both competitive when put in stressful situations, Courtney can be very bossy and Taylor can be very laid back, which can cause friction. However, they do have great chemistry and know each other so well that they can tell when to be supportive and when to ease off in order to help the other.

Taylor and Courtney want to positively represent their fellow officers, despite how much pressure that is. In the end, they just want to make their friends, family, and fellow officers proud.


Who is your hero?

Taylor: My family

Courtney: My grandpa


Favourite Travel Destination

Taylor: Newfoundland

Courtney: Australia


Team Motto
No crybabies!

What would your team walk-on song be?

“Back in Black” by AC/DC


What past team do you most associate with?
Andrea and Adam (Season 5) – They worked well as a sibling duo.







Joseph Truong
Age: 23
Occupation: Non-Profit Founder
Current City: Toronto
Hometown: Mississauga
Strengths: Athletic, attention to detail, and completing puzzles.
Fear/phobia: Bugs.
Pet peeve about your teammate: He is too nice.


Akash Sidhu
Age: 22
Occupation: Non-Profit Founder
Current City: Toronto
Hometown: Winnipeg
Strengths: Endurance, problem solving, and resourceful.
Fear/phobia: Bugs.
Pet peeve about your teammate: He can get stressed easily.


Joseph and Akash met more than 10 years ago in high school, volunteering at a food bank. They both share a strong desire to help make the world a better place, and that drive has motivated them to constantly find new ways to create impact. Their strong friendship has led them to graduate from the same university, be global citizens, and start two non-profits together.


Joseph and Akash have travelled to over 20 countries and have worked in disaster situations in United Nations refugee camps. Inspired by what they saw in these settings, they started a non-profit together called Empower. Empower makes internet content, specifically education and employment resources accessible and affordable in remote areas across Africa. Their second non-profit, Stuff-a-Bus, works with engaging the community, youth, and grocery stores to fill an entire school bus with the most needed food items for their local food bank.


Both Joseph and Akash have dedicated their lives to helping others. They want to inspire young people to follow their own path and create their own legacy.





Joseph: Joey

Akash: Sky


Who is your hero?

Joseph: My parents.

Akash: My mom and grandma.


Dream Travel Destination

Joseph: New Zealand

Akash: Bhutan


Team Motto

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.


What past team do you most associate with?

Mickey & Pete (Season 2) and Kenneth & Ryan (Season 5).










Courtney Berglind
Age: 28
Occupation: Nurse
Current City: Calgary
Hometown: Airdrie, AB
Strengths: Determined, quick learner, and quick witted.
Fear/phobia: Confined spaces.
Pet peeve about your teammate: He can be very stubborn.


Adam Kovacs
Age: 29
Occupation: Firefighter
Current City/Hometown: Calgary
Strengths: Athletic, personable, and logical.
Fear/phobia: Open water and being alone.
Pet peeve about your teammate: When she puts things in the wrong place.


After an awkward first encounter where Courtney was pouring drinks behind the bar and Adam was being auctioned off for charity, these two went on an amazing snowboarding first date and instantly fell in love. They are both goofy and light-hearted, but also determined and competitive. They push each other’s buttons in all the best ways.


Adam had a life-altering back surgery in 2015 that has given him a second chance at an active, healthy life. He lived for years with debilitating pain, was unable to work or do any of the things he loved. It was a long road, but he is now fully recovered. Adam’s surgery was also a defining moment for Courtney. She was able to learn a lot about the strength of her future husband while seeing him go through the process of rehab. She is a natural caregiver and was able to be there for him throughout his recovery. Their experiences, as well as their professions, have taught them just how fragile life is. Helping others is their passion and they feel blessed to have the jobs they do.


Laughter powers this relationship. Sparks fly constantly, either from love or friction as their First Responders professions force them to lean on each other in uncommon ways. And it is that bond they think will help them make it to the final leg of THE AMAZING RACE CANADA.





Courtney: Court, Courdy, Bergalicious

Adam: Kovaca, Hot Cinnamon


Who is your hero?

Courtney: Ellen DeGeneres.

Adam: My parents.


Dream Travel Destination

Courtney: Africa, Ireland, India, and Greece.

Adam: The pacific islands that were involved in World War II or Croatia.


Team Motto
Fake it until you make it!


If you and your teammate were a music duo, what would your name be?
Code Red.




Martina Seo
Occupation: Home Economics Teacher
Current City/Hometown: North Vancouver, BC
Strengths: Outgoing, loud, and funny.
Fear/phobia: Being trampled on in a packed crowd.
Pet peeve about your teammate: He thinks he’s always right.

Phil Seo
Occupation: Credit Union Manager
Current City/Hometown: Burnaby, BC
Strengths: Math, sports, and strategy.
Fear/phobia: Claustrophobic
Pet peeve about your teammate: She is loud!


Both Martina and Phil share a love for helping children and they have volunteered more than 10,000 hours of their time with kids in Canada, USA, Kenya, South Africa, Korea, and Fiji. Their Korean immigrant parents taught them from a young age the value of volunteerism. For them, giving back to those in need is what brings them the most happiness.


Martina and Phil have a love-hate sibling relationship full of extremes. Martina is loud and posts everything on social media. Phil likes to talk, but at a more digestible volume.
Now, the two are closer than ever. A few years ago, Phil and his wife suffered through two miscarriages, which left them heartbroken. Phil learned through this experience to find strength in vulnerability and the importance of talking about hard times. Once he opened up to people about this (including Martina and they had a good cry), good things started to happen. Phil and his wife welcomed a baby girl over a year ago!


Martina became an educator because the only real connection she had during elementary school was with her teachers. She considers them her heroes and they helped her get through the bullying she experienced during that time. She’s now turned her pain into a life’s purpose and children from around the world are benefitting from it.





Martina: Energizer Bunny or Noona (means “older sister” in Korean)

Phil: Appa (means “daddy” in Korean)


Who is your hero?

Martina: My teachers/Princess Diana

Phil: Mahatma Gandhi


Favourite Travel Destination

Martina: Anywhere sunny like Hawaii

Phil: Kenya and Japan


Team Motto
Have a fun!


What would your team walk-on song be?

“Get the Party Started” by Pink





Nancy Csabay
Occupation: Professional Barrel Racer/Horse Trainer
Current City/Hometown: Taber, AB
Strengths: Blunt, determined, and empathetic.
Fear/phobia: Heights and snakes.
Pet peeve about your teammate: None!

Mellisa Hollingsworth
Occupation: Olympian/Public Speaker/Realtor
Hometown: Eckville, AB
Current City: Pinelake, AB
Strengths: Calmness, awareness, and stubbornness (yes, she sees that as a strength!)
Fear/phobia: Heights and the ocean.
Pet peeve about your teammate: “I’ll have to get back to you on that. I think she’s perfect!”


Nancy and Mellisa met at the Calgary Stampede when Nancy was competing in barrel racing and Mellisa was a commentator. Their shared background in competitive sport gave them a foundation for their friendship, but their relationship is unique as they don’t know each other very well on a personal level. However, both are fearless competitors who love to chase the rush of victory and they see THE AMAZING RACE CANADA as an opportunity to inspire the nation to find their own greatness!
Nominated more than 30 times for the Heroes Edition, Nancy is a two-time national barrel racing champion who battled cancer four years ago and inspired everyone around her. It was near that age that her mother was also diagnosed with a fatal bout of cancer. But Nancy has not let that stop her – she doesn’t want to give cancer any more energy than it deserves. She now lives with a greater sense of clarity, joy, and love.


Mellisa is a three-time Olympian who won the bronze medal in the women’s skeleton event at the Turin 2006 Olympic Winter Games. However, her repeat performance at Vancouver 2010, in front of a hometown crowd, was not so successful. After hitting a wall, she placed fifth overall. When she faced the media in tears, she apologized to the country who shared her journey. She felt heartbroken but in the end, she found great purpose and inner strength through this very public defeat. Mellisa remains one of the top skeleton racers in the world, and is still connected with the Canadian Olympic Committee to help train the next generation of Olympians.



Nancy: Nannygoat

Mellisa: Mell


Who is your hero?

Nancy: My mom.

Mellisa: My dad and Marnie McBean.


Dream Destination

Nancy: Africa

Mellisa: Texas


Team Motto
“Long Live Cowgirls!”


What past team do you most associate with?

Kristen and Steph (Season 4) – They played a really smart game.





Corey Liddle
Age: 47
Occupation: Retired Air Force Pilot
Current City: Stoney Creek, ON
Hometown: Ottawa, ON
Strengths: Passionate, organized, and confident.
Fear/phobia: Eating live insects.
Pet peeve about your teammate: That rack of perfectly white Chiclets in his mouth, he makes me look British!

Mark LaVerdiere
Age: 48
Occupation: Retired Air Force Pilot
Current City: Wilcox, SK
Hometown: Orillia, ON
Strengths: Hand/eye coordination, attention to detail, and a positive attitude.
Fear/phobia: Nothing!
Pet peeve about your teammate: He’s too good looking!

Chewy (aka Corey) and Happy (aka Mark) met 25 years ago at Aviation College in Thunder Bay. They both began flying from a very young age and between them, have nearly 60 years of flying experience. They have proudly served in the Royal Canadian Air Force for nearly 40 of those years; providing aid to countries in need, flying with the Snowbirds, and serving several tours in Afghanistan.

Chewy was a CC-130 Hercules pilot providing Strategic and Tactical Airlift support to other elements of the Canadians forces as well as Air-to-air Refuelling to Canada’s Fighter Force domestically and abroad. Happy was Lead Solo Snowbird #8, an RCAF Fighter Pilot on the CF-18 Hornet, and a pilot for the United Nations World Food Program after he retired from the Air Force. Serving their country in so many ways has taught them both the importance of defending our beautiful country and fellow Canadians. Flying aid missions to Haiti, Afghanistan, and South Sudan has also made them grateful for the opportunities they have and the privileged lives they are able to lead.

Happy and Chewy have both retired from the Air Force and are still working together in their post-military retirement years. They have now shifted their focus from work to their families. Their families have sacrificed so much that they want to give back to them for everything they have done.


What’s the story behind your nicknames?
These were our Air Force callsigns.

Who is your hero?
Chewy: My late father.
Happy: My first commanding officer, Rob Thorneycroft.

Favourite Travel Destination
Chewy: South Africa
Happy: Go Home Lake, ON

What is the one thing you can’t live without?
Chewy: Toothbrush
Happy: Morning Coffee

Team Motto
There are no points for second place so you’re either in, or in the way!

What would your team walk-on song be?
“Top Gun Anthem” by Harold Faltermeyer and Steve Stevens



Dylan Elias
Age: 28
Occupation: Youth Mentor/Sport Program Developer
Current City: Fort McMurray, AB
Hometown: Halifax, NS
Strengths: Compassion, heart, and hustle.
Fear/phobia: Being forced into an all-you-can-eat hot dog competition!
Pet peeve about your teammate: When he puts the same song on repeat for an hour during workouts!

Kwame Osei
Age: 34
Occupation: Phys Ed Teacher/Football Coach
Current City: Fort McMurray, AB
Hometown: Rexdale, ON
Strengths: Athletic, observant, and strong sense of identity.
Fear/phobia: Snakes, bugs, and heights.
Pet peeve about your teammate: He can be forgetful.

These two are a dream team of community heroes. Dylan and Kwame are best friends who first met playing on rival football teams in university. They reunited in Fort McMurray in 2012 where their passion for sport helps them impact the lives of youth through their Northern Elite Football organization and mentorship program. These guys know the meaning of hard work and creating opportunities.

This powerhouse team prides themselves on being the role models they never had growing up. Dylan’s stepdad left when he was only seven, leaving him to help raise his two younger brothers and become a father figure at a young age which laid the foundation for what would later become a career of mentoring youth. He even bought his mother a house after her separation, even though he really didn’t have the money.

Kwame got involved with gangs and violence when he was younger because he didn’t have a sense of identity. He looked up to the wrong people and chose to become what his environment dictated. After surviving three different near-death experiences and dealing with the death of a cousin, he realized this was not the life for him. He used football to transform his future, playing in university and then professionally with the Toronto Argonauts.



Dylan: Lil Dyl or Big Dyl
Kwame: Slikko or Special K

Who is your hero?
Dylan: Isy Castillo and my mom.
Kwame: My parents.

Dream Travel Destination
Dylan: Nepal
Kwame: Hawaii or Bora Bora

What past team do you most associate with?
Gino and Jesse (Season 2) – Because of their mentality, their bond, and their athleticism.

What would your team walk-on song be?
“God’s Plan” by Drake.



Todd Kirk
Age: 24
Occupation: Electrician
Current City/Hometown: Edmonton, AB
Strengths: Athletic, determined, and calm under pressure.
Fear/phobia: Heights and spiders.
Pet peeve about your teammate: She’s messy.

Anna Holtby
Age: 24
Occupation: Writer
Current City/Hometown: Edmonton, AB
Strengths: Positive, encouraging, and driven.
Fear/phobia: Small rodents and bears.
Pet peeve about your teammate: He’s stubborn.

Todd and Anna met in high school 10 years ago and have been dating for over four years. They describe themselves as an old married couple because they love puzzles, backgammon, and crib. But look out because these two also like getting outside and a good competitive sport – they both graduated high school as male and female athletes of the year! Todd and Anna both look at the world through compassionate eyes and never assume anything about anyone based on appearance. They are both advocates for anyone out there struggling with being different.

As a childhood cancer survivor, Todd is truly an inspiration. His life has been affected by cancer for as long as he can remember. Diagnosed at three with stage three cancer in the nasal and facial area on the right side of his face, the doctors initially said it was inoperable, but were actually able to shrink and remove the tumour. After many surgeries, he has been cancer free for 20 years but was left with noticeable facial differences. Throughout his life, Todd has struggled with bullying, teasing, and the stares from strangers. Discovering sports really allowed him to overcome his struggles and find true confidence. He graduated high school as the quarterback of his football team.

Anna has struggled with anxiety most of her life and has suffered from panic attacks. She has worked hard to manage this and wants to demonstrate to others that they can find joy, peace, and adventure in the midst of anxiety. Anna’s sense of empathy and sensitivity towards others has helped her develop meaningful friendships and relationships.

It’s been Todd and Anna’s dream to help positively impact others by confidently representing those who are different. It’s important to them to show all Canadians, that in spite of any difference one might have, anything is truly possible.


Todd: Toad or Toddy
Anna: Annie

Who is your hero?

Todd: My mom, as well as the nurses and doctors who saved my life.
Anna: Todd and my mom.

Dream Travel Destination
Todd: Fiji
Anna: Italy

Team Motto
Risk it for the biscuit!

What is the one thing you can’t live without?
Todd: Cheese
Anna: Books



Zainab Ansari
Age: 32
Occupation: Navy Sailor, Royal Canadian Navy
Current City: Toronto
Hometown: Hamilton, ON
Strengths: Disciplined, adaptable, and fearless.
Fear/phobia: Nails on a chalkboard.
Pet peeve about your teammate: Her hair gets in my face!

Monica Demian

Age: 24
Occupation: Navy Sailor, Royal Canadian Navy
Current City: Ajax, ON
Hometown: Khartoum, Sudan
Strengths: Determined, positive, and confident.
Fear/phobia: Cockroaches
Pet peeve about your teammate: She doesn’t like that my hair gets in her face!

Zainab and Monica are two members of the Canadian Armed Forces who want to put a female face on the Navy. They met five years ago when Monica joined the operations department in the Royal Canadian Navy. They bonded over their work and the challenges they face each day in their jobs. Their connection became so strong that they now consider themselves sisters.

They also bonded over their upbringing. Both of their mothers are strong, single women who have raised their children with love and determination, despite many hardships along the way. They consider their mothers’ true heroes and vow to live their lives to the fullest to show them their sacrifices were worth it.

These navy sailors are hardworking, athletic, and very disciplined. They hope to empower young woman considering taking on traditionally male-dominated careers. And don’t let their smiles fool you; these ladies are fierce and ready to show Canada what they are made of!


Who is your hero?
Zainab: My mom
Monica: My mom

Dream Travel Destination
Zainab: Galapagos Islands
Monica: Egypt

Team Motto
Ready Aye Ready! (the motto of the Royal Canadian Navy)

What would your team walk-on song be?
“Mi Gente” by J Balvin, Willy William

What past team do you most associate with?
Natalie & Meaghan (Season 2) – They raced well and remained professional throughout.



Leanne Larsen
Age: 25
Occupation: Toronto Argonauts Cheerleader
Current City: Toronto
Hometown: Oakville, ON
Strengths: Determined, strong, and independent.
Fear/phobia: Bugs crawling on her face.
Pet peeve about your teammate: She becomes aggravated when something is out of her control.

Marielle ‘Mar’ Lyon
Age: 26
Occupation: Toronto Argonauts Cheerleader
Current City: Ottawa
Hometown: Thunder Bay, ON
Strengths: Strong, smart, and persuasive.
Fear/phobia: Horses.
Pet peeve about your teammate: She is easily distracted by her phone.

Leanne and Mar have been teammates on the Argos Cheer Team for three years. They first met at a holiday party where they both bonded over their goofy, outgoing personalities. Mar encouraged Leanne to try out for the team and the rest is history!

Leanne and Mar know the stereotypes associated with cheerleading and want to show that they are so much more than shaking pompoms. They do valuable work in local schools – encouraging a healthy, active lifestyle and working with students to create confidence and self-worth. They are very involved in the Toronto Argonauts Huddle Up Bullying Prevention Program, which uses cheerleaders and football players to work with schools to create initiatives for a safe and healthy learning environment. They are always trying to give back and make a difference in the city of Toronto, living the Argos motto, “one small action can make a huge difference.”

Leanne cites her mother as her biggest inspiration. She has shown her how to be selfless and caring her whole life. Mar left Thunder Bay at 17 and has been living on her own ever since. Between their work and their personal lives, it’s clear they are both fiercely independent and put 110% into everything they do. They want to redefine what it means to be a cheerleader and run the Race of their lives!


Leanne: Lee Lee
Mar: Mew Mew

Who is your hero?
Leanne: My mom and my coach Jorie Brown.
Mar: My dad and my coach Jorie Brown.

Favourite Travel Destination
Leanne: Anywhere with sand, the ocean, and palm trees!
Mar: British Virgin Islands

Team Motto:
The sun came out.

What past team do you most associate with?
Andrea & Ebonie (Season 5) – They were initially idolized for their beauty but proved to be strong entrepreneurial women that were valued for much more than how they looked.


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