Vintage Tech Hunters

Mondays at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT beginning Nov. 5


Vintage Tech Hunters features charismatic collectors Shaun Hatton and Bohus Blahut, who have turned an obsession with retro pop culture finds into their dream jobs. The vibrant duo scours Canada and the U.S., rooting through rickety attics, dusty garages, flea markets, and auctions for rare and nostalgic treasures. From original Nintendo Game Boys and priceless first-edition computers to animatronic toys, the pair aims to uncover rare and nostalgic treasures – because to the right collector, they’re worth a fortune.

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Vintage Tech Hunters
Vintage Tech Hunters

Vintage Tech Hunters

Shaun Hatton

Shaun Hatton has been buying, selling, and trading vintage tech for more than a decade. Don’t be fooled by his youthful demeanor – he’s a veteran in this industry. The former co-host of the syndicated video game series, EP Daily, brings a wealth of knowledge and charisma when it comes to all things retro! When it comes to hunting, he can spot valuable tech of all kinds and has made some truly epic vintage finds. While negotiating, Shaun’s infectious energy and smile are key parts of his bartering arsenal.

Bohus Blahut

Bohus Blahut has been eating, sleeping, and dreaming vintage technology for as long as he can remember. From retro TV’s to ground-breaking robots, and out-of-this-world space suits, Bohus has an impressively diverse wealth of knowledge and an unbeatable street cred. His vintage tech blog, Retro Thing, was named one of the Wall Street Journal’s 100 favourite websites and his vintage tech finds are coveted by many collectors worldwide. This avid tech picker and former morning show host brings unwavering confidence and a keen eye to every hunt. To top it all off, Bohus knows how to successfully drive a hard bargain.

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