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99.9 Virgin Radio HOV Hero

We’ve all felt the pain of moving a millimeter a minute while stuck in rush hour traffic on the Gardiner Expressway. The opening of HOV lanes have made driving a tad more stressful with the highway reduced to two lanes. Drivers are risking $110.00 and three demerit points just to zig-zag between the lines and gain a couple car lengths. Or they’re stuck bumper-to-bumper with nowhere to go and nothing but the radio to keep the road rage at bay. But hope is not lost.

Radio Host Dames Nellas of 99.9 Virgin Radio has stepped up to become Toronto’s HOV hero. He has the power to sit for the duration of a commute anywhere in Toronto. If picked up on the side of the road, Dames and his trusty sidekick become the second and third passenger in anyone’s vehicle, meeting the HOV lane requirements to fly passed the evil traffic all around. The secret to his superpower: revving up to top 40s beats from Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, Drake and more on 99.9 Virgin Radio, Toronto’s #1 hit music station. He’s a hit with the passengers too!

Back at Virgin 99.9 headquarters, Dames reports to radio personality Tucker from the recently launched show Tucker In The Morning. The HOV saviour’s feats are captured on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #HOVhero.

Did you know 99.9 Virgin Radio reaches:
• 2.8 million people weekly in its full coverage area.
• 2.0 million+ Toronto listeners each week.
• 671,200 listeners DAILY!

Find out more about the station here.


@virginradiotoronto on Instagram


@virginradiotoronto on Instagram



@virginradiotoronto on Instagram

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