Help build the story behind the brand

What is the Mix ?

As our single point of contact, Bell Media Mix enables our clients to execute innovative and effective multimedia campaign across BellMedia platforms and Bell properties. Our mission is to help build the story behind the brand.


A week-long mass awareness campaign featuring five second ads everywhere you need to be.

5 second spots on CTV 5 second spots on specialty television

5 second spots on radio

5 second ad rotation on digital OOH

5 second digital video big boxes

Why is this a powerful media option?

Media Multiplier Effect: Awareness builds when creative synergies are shared between radio and television and visual elements are common among out-of-home, digital and television.

Short-term ad stimulus (STAS): Multiple messages support impulse sales within short purchase windows.

Incremental Reach: Multiple media messages deliver more reach where the light users of any one medium might be missed.


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