A beautiful woman, with no memories of her past, is found in Times Square with her body fully covered in a series of mysteriously coded tattoos. The discovery of “Jane Doe” reveals an ever-widening web of conspiracy and corruption that immediately ignites the attention of an FBI team – including agents Kurt Weller, Edgar Reade, Tasha Zapata and the tech savvy Patterson – who begin to decipher, investigate and solve the complex treasure map of her body. As the truth behind Jane Doe’s real identity is revealed, so is the identity of the people who sent her to the FBI in the first place. But what does this nefarious group really want? And can Jane and her teammates stop them in time? Jumping two years forward, Weller tracks down Jane, who had been on the run.  After the two discover a new set of luminescent tattoos planted on Jane’s body, Jane is forced to return to the FBI.  Weller, Jane, and the rest of the FBI team set out to solve these new puzzles and stop the dangerous conspiracies they reveal. But the tattoos also expose the team's darkest secrets...


Air Time Season 4 Premiere October 12 | Friday 8PM ET | s-NBC
Duration 60 min
Fact Sheet Blindspot
Genre Drama
Production Acquisition

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