The Goldbergs


The VCR-loving, mixtape-making, spandex-wearing Goldbergs are back! For geeky and movie-obsessed, youngest child Adam, his wonder years were spent documenting the hilarious and awkward antics of his colourful family. Mom Beverly is at her best when she’s meddling, matchmaking and bedazzling her way through life, while Dad Murray parents from the comfort of his recliner in his underpants. Oldest sister Erica dreams of being a pop star if she can only overcome her secret love of all things uncool. Then there’s middle child Barry who’s just as in touch with his emotions as he is with his sick rap skills, which is how he landed Erica’s best friend and the hottest girl in school, Lainey, as his girlfriend. Rounding out the brood is beloved grandfather “Pops” Solomon, the wild man of the clan.


Air Time Season 6 Premiere September 26 | CTV: Wednesday 8PM ET (s-ABC) | CTVTwo: Mon-Wed & Fri 10PM ET
Duration 30 mins
Fact Sheet The Goldbergs
Production none

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