Chloe Wilde Puts HEALTHY IS HOT into Action with her 2020 New Year Resolutions

— January 8, 2020

Advocating for healthy as the new hot, Chloe Wilde shares her resolutions for the New Year in advance of the premiere of her new Crave Original series from Bell Media Studios, HEALTHY IS HOT on Jan. 10. Similar to the series, Wilde’s resolutions focus on her dedication to learning about and adopting practices that make up a healthy lifestyle. Wilde’s resolutions for 2020 include: No more single-use plastic. In 2019, I began the shift to being nicer to the environment, but there are still a lot more improvements to be made. Going forward, I will have a tote bag in my backpack for last minute purchases, wooden utensils handy in my desk for lunch, and reusable water bottles both at home and at work. The next item on my list is to switch from using Ziploc bags to a more eco-friendly option. Cook one new thing a week. Honestly, I suck at cooking. I can make you a mean grilled cheese, rice crispy squares, and an omelette on a good day, but confidence in the kitchen is something I’ve personally never experienced. By choosing a different recipe each week, I’ll be forced to step out of my comfort zone and play in the kitchen. I can almost guarantee it’s not all going to be stellar, but I’m certainly going to try my best. This week I started off simple, curried butternut squash soup with coconut milk and guess what? It’s GOOD. Meditate daily. This is something I have tried in the past and have failed at time and time again, even though I’m acutely aware of the benefits as it comes up in almost every Healthy Is Hot podcast interview; reduced stress, better sleep, improved creativity, and more. The benefits are great, but the real draw for me is the idea of making time for myself for a part of the day. Life can get busy and chaotic but that is okay. In the midst of all of it, my goal is to be able to press pause, step away, and to still my mind to re-center myself with meditation. Become a student of something. Before the Much VJ Search set me on a new career path in entertainment television, I was a science student at McGill University, and I often find myself daydreaming of those years. One of my big resolutions this year is to reignite the student in me and sign up to learn something new to push myself intellectually as well as creatively.
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