Psychological Horror Series CASTLE ROCK Scares Up a Second Season

— August 14, 2018

Horror fans can (fearfully) rejoice - acclaimed series CASTLE ROCK has been renewed for a second season and is returning exclusively to Space and CraveTV. Set in the fictional Maine town of the same name, CASTLE ROCK is an original story that intertwines characters and themes from Stephen King’s best-loved works including Rita Hayworth, Shawshank Redemption, The Dark Half, Needful Things, and Cujo. CASTLE ROCK has been touted as “the show Stephen King fans have been waiting for” and has garnered critical attention, with glowing reviews from The Globe and Mail, and TIME Magazine and dedicated weekly recaps from Vulture, and The New York Times. New episodes of CASTLE ROCK air Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Space and stream simultaneously on CraveTV. Here’s what critics are saying about CASTLE ROCK so far:

“…there are King-like touches aplenty, including spectacular acts of violence, unnerving monologues by folksy keepers of CASTLE ROCK lore, and flashbacks that give you just enough information to chill the blood but not enough to resolve ongoing mysteries.” - Vulture

“The series is first-rate entertainment while never trying to reach for great seriousness.” - The Globe and Mail

“…one of the cleverest, saddest, best hours of TV this year…” - Rolling Stone

“[Shaw and Thomason] do an admirable job of taking the major themes of King's works — childhood trauma, psychic powers, sin and salvation, the thin line between good and evil — and making them both recognizably Kingian and their own.” - TV Guide

“All the usual components of a King story are here: religious dogma, abuses of power, creepy kids, psychic abilities. But CASTLE ROCK sets itself apart from the rest of the King-verse, preserved in amber.” – TIME Magazine

“I’ve enjoyed my share of King’s work, and I’m gripped by CASTLE ROCK.” – Toronto Star

“Though most characters are new, for King fans the world of CASTLE ROCK will be inescapably familiar. Spending time here feels, in many ways, like coming home…” – Entertainment Weekly


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