What Audiences Need to Know About the Characters on HBO’s WATCHMEN

— October 17, 2019

HBO’s WATCHMEN, from executive producer and writer Damon Lindelof (THE LEFTOVERS, LOST) and based on the original groundbreaking novel of the same name, is set in an alternate history where masked vigilantes are treated as outlaws. The series, which stars Regina King, Jeremy Irons, Don Johnson, and Louis Gossett Jr. premieres on Sunday, Oct. 20 at 9 p.m. ET, only on Crave. Before its debut some of the cast offered their take on what viewers can expect from their characters:

Regina King as Angela Abar, lead detective in The Tulsa Police Force turned vigilante and wife and mother of three: “I think with Angela what makes her unique is that she didn’t come into it for the greater good of all; she kind of came in from an emotional place, though if you asked her, she would not say that. She probably consciously doesn’t even realise that she’s made these certain choices because she’s still dealing with pain that has been passed down to her, that she’s managed to suppress and she’s managed to move forward with, unbeknownst to what’s happened before.”

Jeremy Irons as Adrian Veidt, the aging and imperious Lord of a British Manor: “Well, I thought he was quite whacky. I loved the way that Damon had sort of expanded him from the slightly two-dimensional character that he is in the graphic novel.  I thought it was more satisfactory.  I loved the fact that he gave him some humour and decided that his description as being the cleverest man in the world, or whatever, was probably ironic.  He might have thought he was the cleverest man in the world.”

Jean Smart as FBI Agent Laurie Blake: “…Laurie Blake, whose name is actually Laurie Juspeczyk, is now an FBI agent and she’s hunting down vigilantes, masked vigilantes. She used to be one, so it makes it a little bit complicated, and her parents used to be masked vigilantes too, and she has a lot of very negative feelings, a lot of baggage from her childhood and from her parents. And for a variety of reasons she has ended up at the FBI and so she’s now arresting vigilantes who she thinks are not only ridiculous, but dangerous. But at the same time, I think she kind of misses that life that she had, that kind of exciting time when she was really young, when she met Dr Manhattan and she fell in love, she was a celebrity and it was all very exciting. But she hasn’t been able to let go of the time with Dr Manhattan and that was a very painful part of her life.”

Tim Blake Nelson as Detective Looking Glass: “So, Looking Glass, from the mind of Damon Lindelof, is a character who wears an entirely reflective mask and uses the confrontation and mystery of that mask to determine the truth about suspects for the Tulsa police department. He is a legalised vigilante, which is what the police have become in this alternate universe.”

Hong Chau as Lady Trieu: “I asked [Damon] in our first meeting, ‘Do you have an idea already of what Lady Trieu looks like?’ and he said, ‘No, I’m really interested to see what you bring to it. I have nothing.’ So it was a very collaborative experience for me to get to work with Meghan Kasperlik, our wonderful costume designer on the show, because my costumes really informed how I carried myself and changed the way I spoke and my hair and my make up, I just loved all of it.”

Louis Gossett Jr. as Will Reeves: “…Now, fade out, fade in, here comes the Watchmen, with the brilliance of Damon, who gives us just a sketch of the character, relying on people like [Hong Chau], myself and Jeremy, to be authentic. And he’s open to the change of who we are and what we think.”

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