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“The end is nigh.” That’s the ominous promise made in a trailer for the season finale of HBO’s WATCHMEN, airing Sunday, only on Crave. The original comics certainly went heavy on the tragedy, but will the TV show adopt a slightly more hopeful tone? Either way, after last week’s explosive episode there are still so many questions. What will happen to Angela? Is Dr. Manhattan still around? What is the Cavalry’s next plan? Only the finale will tell. Tick tock…

Eight stellar and acclaimed Canadian inductees – Frank Gehry, Cindy Klassen, Triumph, Mark Messier, Jim Treliving, Will Arnett, Mr. Dressup (Ernie Coombs), and Dr. James Naismith – are honoured on the 2019 CANADA’S WALK OF FAME broadcast special. Plus, singer-songwriter Alessia Cara is the recipient of the Allan Slaight Music Impact Honour, an achievement that brought her to tears during the gala. The CANADA’S WALK OF FAME special airs Sunday on CTV, and is available to stream on Crave, beginning Monday.

Trailers, trailers, everywhere! To get everyone pumped up for exciting programming coming to Crave in the new year, HBO has released new trailers for THE NEW POPE, and CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. While the former strikes a threatening tone of intense competition, the latter leads to a question: Would anyone actually kick Larry David and Jon Hamm out of their house?

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