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Crave Gifts Viewers with a Whole Mess of LETTERKENNY Including a Christmas Special and All-New Six-Pack of Episodes

Crave Gifts Viewers with a Whole Mess of LETTERKENNY Including a Christmas Special and All-New Six-Pack of Episodes

– A LETTERKENNY CHRISTMAS: THE THREE WISE MEN streams November 23 – – Brand new LETTERKENNY six-pack arrives Christmas Day – – Another block of new episodes currently in produ...

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LETTERKENNY Production Begins on New Season

LETTERKENNY Production Begins on New Season

– Sarah Wayne Callies and Jonathan Torrens set to guest star – – Sarah Gadon (ALIAS GRACE) confirmed to return for three episodes – – New episodes now streaming on CraveTV whi...

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U.S. Critics Are Loving LETTERKENNY!

U.S. Critics Are Loving LETTERKENNY!

CraveTV’s original series LETTERKENNY has made its debut south of the border, with the first two seasons streaming now on Hulu, and the much-loved Canadian comedy is receiving a...

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A Six-Pack of Reasons to Get Excited for the New Six-Pack of LETTERKENNY

A Six-Pack of Reasons to Get Excited for the New Six-Pack of LETTERKENNY

Quickly becoming a Canada Day tradition, an all-new six-pack of LETTERKENNY begins streaming tomorrow on CraveTV, just in time for the long weekend. From troublemaking out-of-to...

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Residents of Letterkenny belong to one of three groups: The Hicks, the Skids, and the Hockey Players, who get at each other about the darnedest things, often ending with someone getting their arse kicked. Daryl and Wayne are Hicks. Michelle Mylett (ASCENSION) plays Wayne’s heart-breaker sister, Katy, who is also a Hick. On the ready to take the piss outta Wayne and Daryl, Dylan Playfair (MR HOCKEY: THE GORDIE HOWE STORY) and Andrew Herr (also, MR HOCKEY: THE GORDIE HOWE STORY) reprise their roles as The Hockey Players, “Jonesy” and “Reilly,” from Letterkenny Problems web series. Tyler Johnston (MOTIVE) stars as lead Skid, Stewart; Stewart’s “sideskid” Devon is played by Alexander De Jordy (19-2); Lisa Codrington (COPPER) stars as Modeen’s bartender, Gail; Jacob Tierney as the Christian Leader Glenn; and K Trevor Wilson stars as Wayne’s buddy, Dan.


  • S3 - Episode 7

    "The Haunting of MoDean’s II"

    Wayne (Jared Keeso) and The Hicks (Nathan Dales, K. Trevor Wilson, and Michelle Mylett) help their old pal Gail (Lisa Codrington) get to the bottom of a strange brew happening at the local bar.

  • S3 - Episode 6

    Bradley is a Killer

    Gail’s cousin Bradley (guest star Adrian Holmes) returns to Letterkenny to be a bouncer at MoDean’s. The Hicks love Bradley. Gae and the Skids reach a crossroads. Reilly and Jonesy have one last chance to bring home a W.

  • S3 - Episode 5

    The Battle for Bonnie McMurray

    Bonnie invites the Hicks for a hot tub party and Dan, Daryl and Katy compete for her attention. Wayne and Rosie are #relationshipgoals. The Natives confront the Skids. Reilly and Jonesy encourage the team to come together.

  • S3 - Episode 4

    Les Hiques

    The Hicks go fishing on the Quebec border and meet their French dopplegangers. Daryl has a complicated relationship with the French. In their newly formed clown posse, the Skids begin their rampage of petty vandalism on Letterkenny. The Hockey Players adopt a new diet, resulting in more time spent on the porcelain throne.

  • S3 - Episode 3

    MoDean's 2

    MoDean’s Grand Re-Opening gives Wayne the opportunity to confront Jivin Pete, who’s “no longer a good guy”. Reilly and Jonesy teach the senior players the importance of the ‘chirp’. Stewart decides to help a fellow exile.

  • S3 - Episode 2

    Puck Bunny

    Wayne attempts to lure Up Country Degens to the sled shack but choosing the bait proves problematic. Removing a puck bunny becomes the Hockey Players latest obstacle in the quest for W’s. Stewart is surprised to learn the identity of the clownish hoodlum.

  • S3 - Episode 1

    Sled Shack

    The Hicks build a sled shack on the sleddin' trail. The Hockey Players, now leading goal scorers, try to motivate the Irish to get a much-needed W. Devon is AWOL but the Skids are terrorized by a mysterious masked vandal.

  • S2 - Episode 6

    Finding Stormy A Stud

    Tension rises around Letterkenny while Wayne looks for a stud to breed with his beloved German Shepherd "Stormy."

  • S2 - Episode 5

    Uncle Eddie's Trust

    Wayne and Katy inherit some money. Folks from Letterkenny pitch them on why it should be theirs.

  • S2 - Episode 4

    The Native Flu

    Reilly and Jonesy have an away game on the Rez.

  • S2 - Episode 3


    Wayne doubles down on finding love.

  • S2 - Episode 2

    The Election

    The hicks, skids and hockey players participate in a Letterkenny election.

  • S2 - Episode 1

    A Fuss At The Ag Hall

    The hicks attempt to establish order at the Ag Hall while Reilly and Jonesy make the jump to Senior hockey.

  • S11 - Episode

    Daryl and Katy try to help Wayne get some action, while Wayne reconnects with his inner fighter.

  • S12 - Episode

    Wayne and Katy plan for Daryl’s annual “Super Soft Birthday Party”, despite Daryl wanting anything but. Meanwhile, Wayne tries to reclaim his title as the toughest guy in Letterkenny.

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