Room 104

HBO's Room 104 airs Sundays at 11 p.m. ET, only on Crave


Created by Jay and Mark Duplass, the late-night, half-hour anthology series ROOM 104 returns with 12 new episodes, telling unique and unexpected tales of the characters who pass through a single room of a typical American chain motel. While the room stays the same, Season 3 features several different stories including a man searching for a cure to his chronic skin condition; the caretaker of an exotic animal looking to make a sale; estranged siblings reuniting to make an investment; and more. Cast includes Luke Wilson, Christine Woods, Eric Edelstein, and more.


  • S2 - Episode 1


    Grace (Charlyne Yi) and her friends (Tom Lenk and Pia Shah) take a weekend trip to celebrate Grace’s 30th birthday, only to be surprised by the arrival of her uninvited sister (Jennifer Lafleur).

  • S2 - Episode 2

    Mr. Mulvahill

    Jim (Rainn Wilson) reunites with Mr. Mulvahill (Frank Birney), his third-grade teacher, and challenges him to admit to an incident from the past that left Jim forever changed.

  • S2 - Episode 3

    Swipe Right

    A powerful Russian political technologist (Michael Shannon) arranges an internet first date with a veterinary nurse (Judy Greer), who tries to figure out the truth behind his shifting identity.

  • S2 - Episode 4


    Two strangers (Mark Proksch and Kent Osborne) meet to fulfill an unusual mutual fantasy.

  • S2 - Episode 5

    The Woman in the Wall

    Plagued by a host of ailments, Catherine (Dolly Wells) is comforted by a disembodied woman’s voice (Leonora Pitts).

  • S2 - Episode 6


    After waking up soaking wet and with no memory of the previous night, Arnold (Brian Tyree Henry) tries to piece together the events that got him to Room 104.

  • S2 - Episode 7

    The Man and the Baby and the Man

    A couple (Josephine Decker and Onur Tukel) hoping to conceive makes a video of their emotionally-charged night for their future child.

  • S2 - Episode 8

    A Nightmare

    A woman (Natalie Morales) finds herself trapped in increasingly terrifying versions of the same nightmare.

  • S2 - Episode 9

    The Return

    Grieving the death of her father months earlier in Room 104, a young girl (Abby Ryder Fortson) returns with her mother (Stephanie Allynne) in hopes of being able to communicate with him.

  • S2 - Episode 10


    A reporter (Sheaun McKinney) looks to uncover the truth about a woman (Katie Aselton) who claims to be a hybrid robot warning of an impending AI takeover.

  • S2 - Episode 11


    A charismatic pool shark (Mahershala Ali) tries to convince his reluctant cousin (James Earl) to stay in the hustling game.

  • S2 - Episode 12

    Josie & Me

    A woman (Mary Wiseman) asks her slightly-younger self to recreate the events of one night at a college frat party.

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