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ANGIE TRIBECA, a new spoof of police procedurals, is the brainchild of Steve and Nancy Carell. Rashida Jones (PARKS AND RECREATION, THE OFFICE) stars in this single-camera comedy as Angie Tribeca, a 10-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department. Her fellow officers in the squad are an eccentric but brilliant group of people who investigate crime, reveal way too much personal information about themselves and refuse to rest until justice has been served...sort of. A spoof in the tradition of The Naked Gun and Airplane!, ANGIE TRIBECA is executive-produced by Steve and Nancy Carell through their Carousel Television, along with Campbell Smith and Thom Hinkle.


  • S4 - Episode 9

    Irrational Treasures

    Atkins' family secret leads the team on a race across the country to beat Pierre Cardin in stealing the Louisiana Purchase.

  • S4 - Episode 8

    Heading to the Legal Beagle

    The team works alongside a victim who is suing a popular law office for covering up negligence at FarmTech, a farming company with an alleged pesticide problem.

  • S4 - Episode 7

    Behind the Scandalabra

    The team is recruited by the vice president to cover up a Cabinet member's extramarital affair after the suitor mysteriously dies.

  • S4 - Episode 6

    Freezing Cold Prestige Drama

    In Fargo, S.D., the team is tasked with waiting for the arrival of a certain truck, the contents of which are unknown to the team; Charo and AJ cover up an unfortunate incident which has ties to the mysterious arrival of the truck.

  • S4 - Episode 5

    Trader Foes

    Angie and the team go undercover to infiltrate Lowercase Capital, a successful Wall Street-like corporation, in connection with the murder of an eccentric billionaire.

  • S4 - Episode 4

    Just the Fat, Ma'am

    Tribeca is sent undercover to investigate a string of dead models from Popular Magazine; when the fingerprints on all of the bodies are discovered to belong to dead Peruvian men, the remainder of the team heads to Peru to investigate.

  • S4 - Episode 3

    Joystick Luck Club

    The team investigates an attack on popular Esports gamer Bondevil; A.J. is sent to join and infiltrate the QuarkSpark team, where he learns of a secret underground money laundering system within the Esports world.

  • S4 - Episode 2

    Glitch Perfect

    Tribeca is undercover as a high school glee club coach to stop a highly prolific distributor of malware and computer exploits; but first, her glee club must come in first place at their final competition.

  • S4 - Episode 1

    The Force Wakes Up

    After 20 years in prison, Angie is reunited with her old team and son, AJ, now part of the Special Division Force; the team's first assignment is to infiltrate a hospital to find a potential assassin of French Ambassador Pierre Cardin.

  • S39 - Episode

    "Germs of Endearment"

    When an outbreak of a lethal virus threatens to liquefy everyone in Los Angeles (and perhaps the world), the team realizes that this might be the season’s serial killer’s magnum opus.

  • S38 - Episode

    "If You See Something, Solve Something"

    A naked woman crawls out of a child’s backpack and doesn’t remember a thing. Why? She couldn’t tell you. Tribeca helps her trace her steps, while Geils and Tanner track down a murderer on the run from prison.

  • S37 - Episode

    "License to Drill"

    When a sultry woman convinces Geils to investigate whether her husband is having an affair, he dons his P.I. hat, which lands in trouble. Think Chinatown, because that's where this story comes from.

  • S36 - Episode

    "Hey, I'm Solvin' Here!"

    When a middle-aged white man is mysteriously murdered in New York, the team goes to the Big Apple based on Tribeca's belief that the same serial killer they've been tracking is the culprit. No one's really on board with her theory, but she's the main character and gets to drive the plot.

  • S35 - Episode

    "This Sounds Unbelievable, but CSI: Miami Did It"

    Natalie Portman's in this one, but also a man falls from the sky and the team investigates a lead in space.

  • S34 - Episode

    "Turn Me On, Geils"

    A brilliant robotics specialist is found dead in his lab and no one knows who killed him - which makes Tribeca's job a lot harder. The only one who can offer any insight into the case is the victim's magnetic assistant, who finds an attraction to Geils.

  • S33 - Episode

    "Brockman Turner Overdrive"

    When a beloved college badminton star is the suspect of a hit-and-run, everyone turns a blind eye, because, as we all know, L.A.'s a badminton city. But not Tribeca and Geils, who find "fault" with the case and won't "let" it go.

  • S32 - Episode

    "Murder Gras"

    Tribeca has a hunch that the trophy hunter hunter has struck again, but this time in New Orleans. It's all gators and gumbo as Tribeca heads to the Big Easy in hopes of catching the killer before he strikes again. But everything is not as it seems to be - though that depends on what you thought it seemed like.

  • S31 - Episode

    "Welcome Back, Blotter"

    In the season three premiere, Angie Tribeca retires to become a stay-at-home mom. Show's over, right? Wrong. A trophy hunter goes missing and she's back on the case, which will definitely take nine more episodes to solve.

  • S210 - Episode

    "Electoral Dysfunction"

    The thrilling conclusion to season two. Every question answered. Every twist explained. A logically and emotionally gratifying finale that is sure to silence all critics and guarantee a third season.

  • S29 - Episode

    "Contains Graphic Designer Violence"

    When a graphic designer is found dead, all evidence points to Tribeca. Why?! What does it mean?! It's just needless cliffhanger after needless cliffhanger with absolutely no accountability for narrative satisfaction!

  • S28 - Episode

    "The Coast is Fear"

    A member of the Coast Guard is murdered and somehow Tribeca and Geils connect it to Mayhem Global. Why? What is the point of all of this? What is it all leading to?

  • S27 - Episode

    "Boyz II Dead"

    Geils and Tanner investigate the mysterious death of a reunited boy band member, while Tribeca finally meets with Sgt. Pepper. Why? Seemingly, he's connected to Mayhem Global, but what is Mayhem Global and why do they keep bringing it up?

  • S26 - Episode

    "The Organ Trail"

    Atkins assigns a romance novelist to aid Geils and Tribeca in their attempt to bust an organ thief at a local hospital. Why? Why not? Does anything have to make sense anymore? Or can shows just do whatever they want with no explanation?

  • S25 - Episode

    "A Coldie but a Goodie"

    Tribeca can't shake the feeling that the cause of a 102-year-old's death isn't as natural as others believe, but her concerns fall on deaf ears. Why? She's on probation after that whole data breach snafu. Also something about an election...?

  • S24 - Episode

    "You've Got Blackmail"

    Some sort of massive conspiracy is set in motion when a less-than-savory dating website is hacked. Why? Hard to say exactly. Motives seem a little vague. HEATHER GRAHAM cameos though. She's pretty good.

  • S23 - Episode -

    After a string of suspicious drownings, Geils goes undercover with the LA Lifeguards; however, Tribeca becomes worried. Why? She thinks he might be in too deep. He's never been that strong a swimmer and the currents are deceivingly strong.

  • S22 - Episode

    Tensions flare between Tribeca (Rashida Jones) and Scholls (Andrée Vermeulen) after the skull of a missing sushi chef is fished out of the ocean. Why? Because they're in a love triangle with Geils (Hayes MacArthur). It actually has very little to do with the case.

  • S21 - Episode

    In the season two premiere, a man is found dead in a dog park, but is Tribeca ready to take the case? She hates dogs... and she's just come out of a coma.

  • S110 - Episode

    Geils has been kidnapped and the lieutenant is just sick about it. Tribeca will stop at nothing to save him before time runs out. The only problem? Well, just wait and find out.

  • S19 - Episode

    The lieutenant orders Tribeca and Geils to go deep undercover in order to bust a slick band of British gangsters, but when the gang gets busted, everyone ends up in prison.

  • S18 - Episode

    A first class passenger arrives dead at LAX and the lieutenant is just sick about it. Tribeca, Geils and Tanner go undercover on the flight to catch the killer in the act.

  • S17 - Episode

    Tribeca is hoarding vacation days and the lieutenant is sick about it. Ordered to take a day off, Tribeca tries civilian life. But you can't take the police out of Angie Tribeca.

  • S16 - Episode

    Illegal pet ferrets are leaking into California, making the lieutenant even sicker, so Tribeca and Geils follow a trail that leads them to a high stakes poker game.

  • S15 - Episode

    Tribeca and Geils poke around into a prostitution ring, but the lieutenant is afraid of what they might uncover and orders them to stop.

  • S14 - Episode

    A priceless work of art is missing and the lieutenant is extremely sick; Tribeca and Geils search for the stolen painting, but demons from Tribeca's past cause problems.

  • S13 - Episode

    The lieutenant is sick about a dead ventriloquist, so Tribeca delves into the salacious world of American ventriloquism; trouble brews when Geils reveals he once wanted to be a ventriloquist.

  • S12 - Episode

    The lieutenant is sick about a murdered baker, so Tribeca tracks down the perpetrator before anyone else gets hurt.

  • S11 - Episode

    The mayor is being blackmailed and the lieutenant is just sick about it. Angie Tribeca is assigned a new partner, J Geils, to find the blackmailer and bring him to justice. The only problem? Tribeca works alone.

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