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Icons Join Late-Night and Superstars Drop by Dog River During The Comedy Network’s Nationwide Freeview, June 25 – July 29

Icons Join Late-Night and Superstars Drop by Dog River During The Comedy Network’s Nationwide Freeview, June 25 – July 29

– Comedy’s most-watched series, CORNER GAS ANIMATED, returns July 1 with back-to-back episodes every Monday during the freeview – – New two-part, one-hour gala specials JEFF DU...

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All-New Series BROCKMIRE and Season 3 of THE DETOUR Premiere January 25, Exclusively on The Comedy Network

All-New Series BROCKMIRE and Season 3 of THE DETOUR Premiere January 25, Exclusively on The Comedy Network

– Starring Hank Azaria and Amanda Peet, BROCKMIRE airs Thursdays at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT – – From Jason Jones and Samantha Bee, THE DETOUR returns with Season 3, Thursday, Jan. 25 ...

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Where the heck is Delilah? JASON JONES and NATALIE ZEA star in this acclaimed, unpredictable and all-too-honest look at the family dynamic. Season four of the off-the-wall family comedy finds the wildly dysfunctional Parker family - Nate (Jones), his wife, Robin (Zea) and son Jared (series star LIAM CARROLL) - on an epic worldwide search for their runaway teenage daughter Delilah (series star ASHLEY GERASIMOVICH). From Tibet to Paraguay and everywhere in between, the Parkers will stop at nothing to get their girl back - and annoy everyone in the process! Join the Parkers for global hijinks and absurd obstacles as they search for their daughter.


  • S4 - Episode 10

    The Groom

    In the season four finale, Nate finally gets married to save his family.

  • S4 - Episode 9

    The Bride

    In order to save his family, Nate ends up on a Russian bride tour.

  • S4 - Episode 8

    The Same

    Nate and Robin chase their kids around the world.

  • S4 - Episode 7

    The Entertainer

    Jared comes up with a morbid plan to reunite the family.

  • S4 - Episode 6

    The Game Show

    The Parkers go on a Japanese game show.

  • S4 - Episode 5

    The Year

    Delilah and Jared reunite and catch up on the past year.

  • S4 - Episode 4

    The B.J.

    Nate gets caught in a bad "parent trap."

  • S4 - Episode 3

    The Sister

    Nate and Robin head to Ithaca expecting to find their daughter but find a new family member instead.

  • S4 - Episode 2

    The Return

    The Parkers embark on a world-wide search to find their runaway daughter, Delilah.

  • S4 - Episode 1

    The Search

  • S3 - Episode 10

    The Escape

    In the season three finale, the Parkers finally happen upon help in an abandoned ghost town, which is filled with deadly serious Pacific Rim LARPERs (Live Action Role Players).

  • S3 - Episode 9

    The Funeral

    Having crashed their plane into the Alaskan wilderness, the family must rely on one another to survive. It’s like The Revenant. But less cold and grunting.

  • S3 - Episode 8

    The Plane

    Reunited with his family, Nate pulls off an evacuation away from Edie and the Feds. Unfortunately, he didn’t have much time to plan it and he has to rely on a terminally ill, 90-year-old Alaskan bush pilot.

  • S3 - Episode 7

    The Water

    A look back at Robin and Nate’s first vacation together: a trip to the tropics and their first time alone since the kids were born. Spoiler Alert: they have an awful time.

  • S3 - Episode 6

    The Vows

    Upon returning home from a winter at sea, Nate is left at the dock by his family. After a lift back to his “life” in town, he soon realizes things change fast. And he’s not sure he likes it. Actually, he really hates it.

  • S3 - Episode 5

    The Boat

    With Robin out of work, it’s Nate’s turn to earn – on an Alaskan factory fishing trawler. But it’s only seven months of rotting fish, meth fumes and family separation. What could go wrong?

  • S3 - Episode 4

    The Goal

    Edie has gone undercover, posing as an assistant coach of Jareb and Delilah’s hockey team. When they go on the road together, Robin suddenly gets a little jealous of this mysterious stranger.

  • S3 - Episode 3

    The Mark

    Edie (series star LAURA BENANTI) continues to surveil the Parkers and is looking for the stupidest member of the family to get close to. Fortunately for her…she’s got lots of choices.

  • S3 - Episode 2

    "The Stop"

    Nate tries to navigate his new role as stay-at-home dad. Between the kids hitting puberty and Robin’s long work hours and incessant partying, he’s… managing. Kind of.

  • S3 - Episode 1

    "The Run"

    In the season three premiere, the Parkers finally settle into the last place anyone will be looking for them – Alaska – after a year on the lam across the continental US.

  • S2 - Episode 12

    "The Ass"

    The family is reunited in the season finale, but this time it's Robin who makes a huge mistake.

  • S2 - Episode 11

    "The Mule"

    Robin and Nate live out their action movie fantasies (well, mostly Nate's) as they make their way to the kids...who are actually doing just fine without them.

  • S2 - Episode 10

    "The Trip"

    New York to Florida in a janky van? This sounds familiar! But this time, there's no stopping as Robin and Nate make record time to get to the kids.

  • S2 - Episode 9

    "The Dilemma"

    Her past having finally caught up with her, Robin prepares to go away for a long time. Nate tries to piece together what went wrong, and Delilah and Jared make the most of their school talent show.

  • S2 - Episode 8

    "The Job"

    Faced with the threat of losing his job, Nate tries to land a new customer, and brings the family along.

  • S2 - Episode 7

    "The Heat"

    The Parkers settle into a seemingly normal New York City routine, but they're being surveilled by Federal agents who see much more than they intended to.

  • S2 - Episode 6

    "The Tournament"

    At Delilah's TaeKwonDo tournament, Nate has to have a tough conversation with Jared...and an even tougher one with Carlos.

  • S2 - Episode 5

    "The Birth"

    Ever wonder what happened the night the twins were born? Here's a taste: Halloween, drunk Nate, unhappy Robin and Gene dressed as Napoleon Dynamite.

  • S2 - Episode 4

    "The Court"

    Robin attempts to get a divorce from Carlos, but he has other ideas. She’s also forced to come clean about her past in the city.

  • S2 - Episode 3

    "The Tub"

    As Nate and Robin contemplate having another baby, a neighbor’s casual get-together turns into a home birth. And Delilah learns what it means to be a third wheel.

  • S2 - Episode 2

    "The Club"

    Robin’s ex, Carlos (JEFFREY VINCENT PARISE), lures her back into their wild past with a visit to the club where they used to party. Meanwhile, the kids meet Nate’s new boss.

  • S2 - Episode 1

    "The City"

    In the season two premiere, Nate (JASON JONES) is offered a new job in New York, so the family moves from Syracuse, but Robin (NATALIE ZEA) isn’t thrilled about the idea.

  • S1 - Episode 10

    "The Beach"

    In the season finale, Nate, Robin and the kids attempt to take down Nate's company in epic whistle blowing fashion. It won't be easy, but if there's one thing we've learned about this family is that they don't give up without at least a punch to the throat and maybe a cheap kick to the groin.

  • S1 - Episode 9

    "The Track"

    The Parkers finally make it to Ft. Lauderdale only to have Nate's plan of getting his job back completely unravel. Fortunately, at a nearby race track, there is hope.

  • S1 - Episode 8

    "The Drop"

    Nate needs to take a detour to Salvation, Florida, where it's Christmas every day of the year - except on Christmas. Things get tense when the family discovers that Nate has been lying to them in addition to the fact that they are being followed by "government goons."

  • S1 - Episode 7

    "The Road"

    While Blue Thunder is stuck in traffic, Nate and Robin reminisce about how they met, and the kids learn an important lesson about sharing "too much information." Seriously.

  • S1 - Episode 6

    "The Wedding"

    Instead of getting back on the road, Robin agrees to marry the southern gentleman and his Russian bride, but soon realizes that something is very, very, very, very wrong.

  • S1 - Episode 5

    "The B&B"

    While the kids recover from acute food poisoning, the Parkers decide to rest at a southern B&B. They are treated to southern hospitality, southern customs and Russian vodka.

  • S1 - Episode 4

    "The Restaurant"

    The Parkers begrudgingly stop to eat at a horrific place.

  • S1 - Episode 3

    "The Tank"

    A sober Nate is stopped for driving under the influence.

  • S1 - Episode 2

    "The Hotel"

    Having driven their van, "Blue Thunder," into a ditch, it has to be repaired overnight. The Parkers stay at a nearby motel, Swift Stay Suites. What could possibly go right?

  • S1 - Episode 1


    The Parker family is driving from Syracuse to Ft. Lauderdale in an old minivan. With truckers, aggressive drivers and roadside breakfast spots, the road isn't quite what it seems.

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