Jade Fever

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With no jade to show for last season, it’s do or die for the Bunces to find Grade A jade at their Two Mile claim or they can’t afford to keep their mine going. With everything on the line, Claudia’s hoping her dad Steve, who placer mined Two Mile 40 years ago, will be her lucky ticket, but fireworks ensue when three generations of her family attempt to work together. A lens they found at the end of last season holds the promise of a jade jackpot but equipment mishaps and Mother Nature battle them every step of the way. On the first trip out to the mine, spring thaw turns the road into a dangerous, mud-caked mess that almost derails their season before it even begins. Then the bungled purchase of a crew bunkhouse and an old, broken-down mine truck adds to Claudia’s fear that mining may never even get started. By mid-summer, just as they are finally on to the jade, raging wildfires threaten to put a sudden stop to their season. When winter hits with a vengeance, Claudia pushes her crew to keep working to make up for lost time, despite freezing temperatures and deteriorating road conditions. But as the situation becomes more dangerous, Robin pressures Claudia to pack up and leave before it’s too late.

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  • S5 - Episode 1

    The Long and Grinding Road

    With no jade to show for last season, Claudia is desperate to start digging out the huge jade lens they found late last year. The crew set out on the first trek of the season to their mine but deep mud and high waters turn the trip into a major disaster. For Claudia, it’s an ominous start to a critical season.

  • S5 - Episode 2

    Nose for Jade

    With the road into their camp unpassable, Claudia puts mining on hold and sends Guy and Gary out to repair the torn-up road. Meanwhile, the newest member of the crew arrives – Claudia’s father, Steve. He placer mined the Two Mile claim 40 years ago and with everything on the line this year, Claudia’s desperately hoping he’s the lucky ticket she needs to turn this make-or-break season into a success.

  • S5 - Episode 3

    Bunkhouse Blues

    Claudia’s patience is put to the test when Robin bungles an online bunkhouse purchase plus buys an old truck in need of major repairs, delaying their trip back into the mine. Scrappy Larry shares some unexpected news with the Jade City crew: this longtime bachelor is off the market!

  • S5 - Episode 4

    Stuck in the Middle

    In Jade City, Claudia’s caught in the middle between Robin and her dad Steve, who are both used to running the show. Adding to Claudia’s stress, every time the crew fix one problem on their mine truck Six-Pack, another one pops up, delaying their trip into the mine and jeopardizing their chances of a successful season.


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