Rocky Mountain Railroad

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Rocky Mountain Railroad


The all-new series casts a spotlight on the elite crews assembled to keep the nation’s critical freight and passenger trains rolling during the winter months by battling deadly avalanches, monster icicles, steep rockslides, and dangerous wildlife. Featuring the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Ontario Northland Railway, ROCKY MOUNTAIN RAILROAD takes viewers on an exclusive journey to Canada’s most extreme railways, where the resilient crews do whatever it takes to keep the critical lifeline running smoothly.


  • S1 - Episode 1


    After a massive overnight blizzard, conductor Jim and engineer Jordy are hauling $50 million worth of freight from Vancouver—straight into the heart of the avalanche zone. High in the mountains, avalanche technician Derek makes a startling discovery and prepares to detonate a man-made snow slide. The snow-removal crew tackles giant ice columns that could spell disaster for passing trains. And, after the avalanche bombing, it’s all hands on deck. Meanwhile in Ontario, off-gridder George fills an entire car with firewood for delivery to an isolated Northern community.

  • S1 - Episode 2

    Bridge Over Hell Creek

    Conductor Grant and engineer Jeff race their empty train east to collect a $3 million shipment of coal. And once the 152 cars are filled, they’ve got to get their mammoth convoy back over the mountains. Ahead of them in Glacier National Park, an avalanche warning forces snow removal crews to a halt. Railroad engineer Kent prepares for a high-altitude bridge inspection. And while the team races to replace a cracked junction, Jimmy’s lack of discipline threatens to derail the operation. Meanwhile in Ontario, electrical issues on board the Polar Bear Express could leave Moosonee’s minor hockey league out in the cold.

  • S1 - Episode 3

    Tunnel to Hell

    After loading up 112 cars, veteran engineer Rob and rookie conductor Keri must guide their two-kilometer grain train into the heart of the ice-encrusted Rocky Mountains, through steep terrain and a notorious tunnel, and finally to a transport ship waiting in the Port of Vancouver. Down the line, workers are called in to blast heavy snow off the tracks, a frozen switch refuses to budge, and it’s a race against time as track crews have just one hour to replace a faulty rail. Meanwhile, at the edge of Ontario’s Arctic wilderness, another crew is transporting a massive polar bear trap to a remote community with a predator on the loose.


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