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The quest to expand the boundaries of human knowledge draws scientists to explore even deeper, taking them into the darkest places on earth. Death waits at every turn, but protecting them from danger are the Trailblazers; members of a brotherhood of elite survivalists who are sworn to keep every expedition safe, risking their lives to ensure everybody makes it in, completes their mission and gets back out alive.


  • S1 - Episode 1-20

    Into the Dangerous and Unknown

    Survivalists lead teams of scientists into remote areas around the globe in this reality series. In the series premiere, the teams enter the kill-zone of an active volcano. Also, they travel into uncharted rain forests of Papua New Guinea and through the Bolivian jungl

  • S1 - Episode 2-27

    Baptism by Fire

    Chris hunts for a Caiman in Bolivia. Elsewhere, Gary wins passage from the local tribes in Papua New Guinea and Shaun's team is held up by a lightning storm in Ecuador.

  • S1 - Episode 3-3

    Landslides and Deadfall

    Gary climbs 300 feet above the jungle canopy to search for plants in Papua New Guinea; Chris confront a giant caiman in Bolivia; Shaun and his team crawl up a landslide in Ecuador.

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