Vegas Rat Rods

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The true outlaws of the car world, Steve Darnell and his crew of rust-loving, Sin City rebels, prove that their unconventional style produces the sickest rides on the planet in an all-new season of VEGAS RAT RODS. The 12-part original Canadian series from Toronto’s Proper Television (CANADA’S WORST DRIVER and MASTERCHEF CANADA) follows auto mastermind Steve Darnell and his Welder Up team of mechanics, automotive fabricators, and welders as they build badass rides out of rusty junk strewn across the Nevada desert.

Cast & Characters


  • S3 - Episode 1

    Freak Show on Wheels

    An enthusiastic cowboy comes to Darnell looking for a rat rod to lift the sagging spirits of his small farming community. Darnell quickly lands on the idea of making a death-defying carnival ride on wheels. In no time, an old farm truck is transformed into a roaring rat rod that would frighten even the most daring rollercoaster enthusiast. But will this rolling house of horrors have any chance of bringing joy to anyone other than Darnell?

  • S3 - Episode 2

    Timber Busting Diamond

    The owner of a trucking company comes to Darnell looking for a vintage ride that celebrates the roots of his business. Darnell faces an uphill battle meeting his demands for a 1930s era cab. After an unproductive search, Darnell turns to an old friend, hoping to score a priceless family heirloom to make the build happen. Ruther takes on more responsibilities, hoping to show Darnell and the crew that the plucky Canadian can excel no matter what challenge gets thrown her way. Meanwhile, the rest of the team risks Darnell’s wrath when they argue that his pride just might ruin the most stunning work truck they’ve ever created.

  • S3 - Episode 3

    Rock ‘N Rollin’ Pickup

    Darnell and the Welder Up crew have got their work cut out for them when a couple commissions a build to celebrate their impending wedding anniversary. This no-nonsense pair of body guards are looking for a rat rod that truly reflects their rebellious streak. However, the car they have dropped in Darnell’s lap is the polar opposite of badass. The crew needs to transform a harmless looking pickup into a raging bat out of hell. Getting the team to buy into the vision is hard enough, but a couple of costly errors threaten to put this anniversary party on hold.


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