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Gusto Serves Up New Programming During Nationwide Freeview, Beginning May 15

Gusto Serves Up New Programming During Nationwide Freeview, Beginning May 15

– Gusto freeview runs May 15 to June 26 – – Nigella Lawson makes her Gusto debut with NIGELLA: AT MY TABLE, premiering June 4 – – Gusto original series WATTS ON THE GRILL debu...

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Gusto Freeview Programming

Gusto Freeview Programming

WHERE TO I DO? (Thursday, May 17 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT – Series Premeire) Romantic bride Tamara and rave-loving groom Paul are on the hunt for the perfect wedding venue, but r...

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Dogs Find Their Forever Homes in the Series Premiere of Bell Media Studios’ DOG TALES RESCUE, May 31 on Gusto

Dogs Find Their Forever Homes in the Series Premiere of Bell Media Studios’ DOG TALES RESCUE, May 31 on Gusto

– The 10-episode, half-hour series follows the lives of extraordinary rescue animals at the one-of-a-kind Dog Tales Rescue and Horse Sanctuary – – As part of the continued part...

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DOG TALES RESCUE follows the day-to-day operation of Dog Tales Rescue and Horse Sanctuary, a one-of-a-kind animal rescue and horse sanctuary in King City, Ontario. Co-founders and married couple Danielle and Rob run an operation with over 50 staff, caring for sick, elderly, and abused animals. Whether it’s mistreated animals in Miami, China, Israel, or local rescue missions, Danielle and Rob search near and far to bring animals to Dog Tales for rehabilitation until they are adopted out into their forever homes. Driven by their passion and genuine desire to help, the Dog Tales team works tirelessly through seemingly impossible challenges in search of a happy ending for each animal. With its luxury dog accommodations, therapy pools, 50 acres of property, and caring staff, Dog Tales is truly unlike any other rescue in the world.

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  • S1 - Episode 1

    Rob and Danielle introduce viewers to Dog Tales Rescue and Horse Sanctuary, which specializes in rescuing horses and dogs that are sick, abused, and elderly. Social Media Manager Clare puts together a creative photo shoot to help boost adoption rates and Lead Horse Handler Ilana tries to integrate a new horse with the herd.

  • S1 - Episode 2

    Dog behaviourist Aimee Sadler takes on Moby who is scared to go outside. Danielle and Lead Horse Handler Ilana try to find a buddy for a blind horse named Ben.

  • S1 - Episode 3

    Dog behaviourist Aimee Sadler works with bad mannered rescue dog named Bibi to get him ready for potential adopters. The staff encourages Danielle to put Marge, one of her favourite rescue dogs she has been fostering, up for adoption.

  • S1 - Episode 4

    Danielle and Rob travel to a busy shelter in Miami to look for dogs to take back to Dog Tales, but trouble arises when Danielle falls in love with a bonded father and son who are set to be adopted by two different owners.

  • S1 - Episode 5

    Rob and Danielle are in Miami at a busy shelter assessing two dogs with behavioural issues. A potential adopter falls in love with rescue dog, Prince, but can’t take him home until the owners finally agree to surrender him.

  • S1 - Episode 6

    Rob fights to save 21 Pitbull type dogs that were rescued from an alleged fighting ring. After being abandoned by his family, rescue dog Baxter faces a complicated knee surgery. Potential adopter Sarah wants to bring rescue dog Luther home, but Rob must decide if his impending brain surgery is too much for her to handle.

  • S1 - Episode 7

    Rescue dog Phoebe comes to Dog Tales with two broken back legs and needs to be fitted for prosthetics, but will the trauma she endured hinder her ability to use them? Ilana works with rescue horse Rosie who is so scared of people that she has not be properly bathed or vaccinated in two years.

  • S1 - Episode 8

    It’s all hands on deck as Danielle, Rob, and their team prepare to shine a light on rescue animals with their annual Dog Tales Festival, which welcomes nearly 10,000 visitors over a two-day period. Adopted rescue Harley, who was born with two paralyzed back legs, returns to Dog Tales for a special visit.

  • S1 - Episode 9

    Rob and Danielle assess rescue dog Bella, who is on the euthanasia list at her current shelter because of her history of behavioural issues. Potential adopters Christine and Cathy are interested in rescue dog Mookie, but Danielle encourages them to look at other dogs. Long-term Dog Tales residents Tony and Moby finally have families interested in providing them with forever homes.

  • S1 - Episode 10

    Rob travels to a training facility in Northern Florida with 18 pit-bull type dogs who were seized from an alleged fighting ring. Danielle and Lead Horse Handler Ilana are concerned about Joe, a 12 year old draft horse that is falling down and not able to get back up.


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