Deadly Women

Mondays at 10 p.m. ET


They are history's most intriguing and horrifying women, a sisterhood whose crimes are written in blood on history's pages. DEADLY WOMEN explores the world of the female killer, a world shaped by spiralling forces beyond her control - of obsession, greed and revenge.


  • S8 - Episode 1

    Lady of Blood

    Lizzie Borden, American most infamous murderess. Born into a wealthy respected family, Lizzie was a quiet, Sunday school teacher - that is until she took an ax and hacked her stepmother and and father to death. Or did she?

  • S8 - Episode 2

    Three's a Crowd

    Love is usually a game for two, but when three try to play, somebody will lose out. An obsessed wife fixates on revenge, a lustful affair breeds a wicked plot, and a wealthy housewife hides more than skeletons in her closet.

  • S8 - Episode 3

    Mom's Money

    In Arizona, Doris Ann Carlson hires two young men to murder her ailing mother-in-law; a high school senior persuades her boyfriend to kill her mother; a woman shoots her adopted mother to death.

  • S8 - Episode 4

    Never Too Young

    Katie Belflower is a California girl with a penchant for stealing other girl's boyfriends. She begins an affair with Michael Simons, the husband of her 17 year-old classmate Jenna Nannetti. Katie, Michael, and a friend named Jeffrey Hamilton plot to kill Jenna in 2002. Months later, Katie and Jeffrey attempt to kill another girl, Aspen Lum, and during the attack, Katie admits to killing Jenna. Katie is serving 25 years to life in prison. Michael Simons gets life without parole and Jeffrey Hamilton gets 20 years to life.

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