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Quadruple-threat Todrick Hall lets fans into his creative factory and introduces them to the passionate troupe of creative collaborators who pour their heart and soul into his weekly videos. Unwilling to wait for Hollywood to make them stars, Todrick and his faithful crew write, choreograph, style, and direct full-scale productions weekly to try to make their dreams come true on their own terms. All while balancing side jobs to pay the bills.


  • S1 - Episode 1

    "Who Let the Freaks Out"

    Todrick pokes fun at the crazy, desperate things celebrities do to stay in the limelight, from sex tapes to plastic surgery, in this original music video “Who Let The Freaks Out”. Team Toddy borrows costumes, steals locations, and loses sleep to make funny scenes poking fun at Miley, Britney and Kanye come to life. Also the team surprises friend and make-up artist, “Lipstick Nick”, with a special birthday video with the help of Kelly Rowland and videos sent by Todrick’s YouTube fans.

  • S1 - Episode 2


    Todrick takes his Los Angeles posse to Texas to shoot a personal music video in his native Plainview, Texas. His original song “Haterz” celebrates the people who support anyone who’s different – so Todrick includes his support group in the video: his old cheerleading squad, his teachers and mentors, his big Southern family and even fans in the area. Everyone bonds as they shoot this upbeat, high school- themed video. Todrick takes some private time to come out to his younger brother, which helps bring them closer than ever.

  • S1 - Episode 3

    "Epic Love"

    Todrick wrote this love anthem when he was in the throes of a break up, with the optimistic hope of someday finding “the one” out there for him. To match this epic theme, team Toddy makes an epic video – an homage to great moments from romantic movies. But the production runs into some epic problems when they face a thunderstorm blackout on their night shoot and his lead dancer and friend, Jenni, falls while dancing on a concrete stage. Luckily, the team holds together as never before and pulls off the impossible.

  • S1 - Episode 4

    "Wind It Up"

    Todrick writes a romantic duet called “Wind it Up” and sets his video in a magical world where zombie toys come to life. Jillian Rose Reed of MTV’s “Awkward” is cast and joins the madness. When Todrick’s friend, Vonzell, a former American Idol singer, helps him record temp vocals for the song, it’s clear she’s having a tough personal time. Todrick helps her through it by talking through her issues, and her singing soars.

  • S1 - Episode 5

    "You Unfollowed Me"

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt is invited to appear in a video spoof of social media, but he only has six hours to record the song and shoot the video.

  • S1 - Episode 6


    Todrick makes an hilarious spoof movie trailer of a Titanic called “Titaniqua.” The team must figure out how to recreate iconic scenes from the mega-budget movie for no money. They can’t afford to rent a yacht, so they get clever with camera angles, make-do locations and costumes, and a green screen. Todrick gets his funniest YouTube celebrity friends to costar. Jenna Marbles plays Rose, and GloZell, Shanna Malcolm and Dexter play ill-fated passengers who refuse to get wet, let alone go down with the ship in the cold Pacific waters.

  • S1 - Episode 7

    Dem Cakes

    Todrick makes a booty-celebrating song, “Dem Cakes Tho’” with a circus theme under a big top tent, including fire breathers, tumblers and jugglers. He holds twerking auditions to find the best variety of “cakes” and wants to add the biggest butt of all - a real elephant. But elephants don’t come cheap. So he and his team put on a one-night-only performance of his live road show to make the needed cash. In the end, Team Toddy pulls it off and singer, Aubry O’Day comes to play for this bootilicious video.

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